Operation Hibernation: 27 Better Things Than Going Out In The Winter

by Sam Maracic

It’s official; winter has reared its ugly head and, to put it kindly, the results have been less than favorable.

Terms like “wind chill,” “weather advisory,” "artic front" and “lows near zero” have become all too familiar, even by East Coast standards.

And, while the blistering cold has inspired some urges — namely those that involve Caribbean islands — there is one that has evaded our lives completely: the urge to go out.

Taking regular trips to a favored bar or pub is something most of us need. After a long workweek, homework or a test, kicking back is normal.

There's practically no better way to blow off steam than with good friends and strong booze.

But, to say the idea of hailing a cab in temperatures that read lower than the time on the clock sounds fun is still a bit of a stretch.

Truth be told, managing your commute home is merely one of a slew of unwanted struggles that come with braving glacial conditions, even if it is in the name of penny beers on ladies night.

Whether you’re debating between the giant, below-the-knee puffer jacket you should be wearing and the faux leather jacket that’s socially appropriate, or contemplating the fate of said outerwear in the bar’s sketchy boiler-room-turned-coat-check, going out in the winter can be tough.

Personally, I have yet to find a drink outside of the confines of my warm, humble abode that's worth braving the single-digit temperatures for — especially in “bar attire.”

So, in the spirit of honoring the season with supports mandates indoor indulgences, here is a list of 27 enjoyments far better than going out when it’s freezing.

1. Your bed. Blankets, pillows and more blankets — need I say more?

2. Kitchen drinking games. Cards, coins and incessant banging on the table; the possibilities really are really endless.

3. A drunken commute that consists only of migrating from your couch to your bed because that really is such a beautiful thing.

4. Fuzzy socks.

5. Fireplaces and space heaters.

6. Crushing Netflix like it's your job.

7. Eating. Every activity (indoor or otherwise) requires snacks.

8. Reading a good book (in your bed full of blankets, of course).

9. Nutella.

10. Red wine night, without the public shame of a purple tinted smile.

11. Online shopping. (Because you need a new sweater for all of the socializing you're doing from inside your room.)

12. Brushing up on your cooking skills, or in some cases, realizing you lack them entirely.

13. Seamless: for when the snacks run out and you still can’t cook.

14. Sweatpants.

15. Trying to create that DIY project you’re convinced will transform your living space.

16. Finally giving up on ever making that mod podge lampshade. (At least you can take comfort in knowing it was a cool thought while it lasted. Sorry for failing you, living space.)

17. Adding pins to your hidden Pinterest boards. We’re all guilty of it.

18. Candles, candles and more candles.

19. HBO Go because no binge is complete without the perfect combination of Jon Snow and Ari Gold.

20. Sleep.

21. Being able to wake up at a decent hour on Sunday morning to work out, take a yoga class, etc. (Assuming you’re willing to leave home at some point.)

22. Snuggling with your best friend.

23. Snuggling with your pet.

24. Planning a trip to somewhere you’ve never been.

25. Planning a trip to visit a friend in another city.

26. Hot showers.

27. Everything warm, fuzzy, liquor filled and/or chocolate covered.