To Every Girl Preparing For Rush: Here's Why You Should Make The Most Of The Process

Dear Incoming Pledge Class,

Wow. You make me feel old.

Your days as a high school senior are over and you’re about to embark on this crazy adventure called college.

Your summer has consisted of hours gossiping at your favorite coffee shop with your childhood friends, driving around aimlessly while blasting Ariana Grande and spending lazy Saturdays at the beach.

It’s been a life-changing summer, whether you realize it or not. It was a summer of excitement, carefree days, zero responsibilities, late nights, firsts, lasts and goodbyes.

You’ve been asked if you’re ready for college so many times that you’re starting to believe you actually are. That is if “ready” means color coordinating your comforter with your future roommate and buying an obscene amount of college apparel.

Well, you’re not ready and you never could be, but that’s the point.

Soon, you’ll find yourself driving home in the rain, as tears stream down your face after yet another goodbye.

This feeling of losing your childhood will be hard to shake, and for the first few months of school, you’ll feel like you’re in limbo between the life you led for 18 years and the promise of the future. You’re terrified, but what you’re about to gain is something truly irreplaceable.

Over the next few months, dozens of people will tell you that you have the best four years of your life ahead of you. You’ll hear this so much that you’ll take it for granted, but in four years, you’ll see why it’s true.

You’ll fill your four years with so many things. When you’re standing at the end, you’ll look back and remember the decisions you made that changed your life.

Maybe you’re a triple legacy and sorority life is already in your blood, or maybe, your roommate convinced you to go through recruitment at the last second. Either way, be thankful for the path that led you here.

When you do go through recruitment, a junior might tell you that living in the house changed her life. You’ll be skeptical and you’ll doubt her — you may even laugh. You’ll see seniors crying on preference night, talking about the “gift of sorority” and sisterhood, but one day, it will all make sense, I promise.

Three years later, you’ll be the one standing in front of potential new members, recounting the story of that sister who changed your life.

“This sorority led me to my best friends, to women I know will forever be by my side, to people who have made me a better person,” you’ll say as you choke back tears.

But today, you’re a potential new member. Today, you have four years of choices ahead of you. And your first choice starts here.

So, when the president stands in front of her pledge class on preference night, calls them her family and this chapter her home, take note. When she tells you not to take a single second for granted, listen.

But, most of all, when you get your bid, realize your life is about to change. Realize that you are no longer an individual, but part of this incredible thing called a sorority.

Realize that you just gained 100+ friends and somewhere in the sea of new faces, you will find your soulmates, your partners in crime, your shoulders to cry on, your future bridesmaids and so much more.

Spend as much time with your sisters as humanly possible. Enjoy even the most trivial moments, like sitting in the kitchen until 3 am, laughing about nothing instead of writing the paper that’s due tomorrow.

Take comfort in knowing that there really is always someone to turn to who will listen. Let your guard down and let your sisters in.

Get to know your “family” and watch as it changes, year after year, until you’re the oldest, looking down on three beautiful women who have become your best friends.

But, most of all, take a step back every once and a while and look around. Look at the people who are by your side each day. Remember who is the first one you call when you get good news and the first one you run to when things aren’t going your way.

Remember why you joined this chapter and be grateful for all it has brought to your life. Your sisters will become your family and your chapter will become your home. It may seem impossible now, little one, but trust me. One day, this will be you.

With love,

A Girl Who Was Once In Your Shoes

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr