An Ode To Coffee: Thank You For Always Being There For Me

Dear coffee,

Every morning, although the struggle to get out of bed may be real, I rise with the excitement and anticipation that we will soon meet. Day-in and day-out, we always begin the adventure of a new beginning together.

You are the first thing I entertain and pay attention to, since I am not ready or willing to speak to any living human being until you and I rekindle that liquid bond of love.

Whether I hear you perking up in the kitchen while I'm finishing the careful application of mascara, or you are being poured into the iconic white and green cup by my local barista, you're always there.

Without you, I really can't function. A moment on your lips, a lifetime on your hips? Whatevs. Coffee, you're different, and those rules do not and will never apply to you. Not to mention, you're only five calories per cup.

This makes me love you more than I already do, if that wasn't already possible. We hang out in the car all the time (you put up with my incessant singing, incorrect lyrics and terrible tone), but you never tell me I sound bad.

Instead, you are there for me after each verse, chorus and throughout the entire time I have music ADD and continue to change the channel until I find something I like. You don't go all Simon Cowell on me, but you do sit there and cheer me on while sitting motionless in the cup holder.

You're my commute buddy, and help me get all jacked up for the work day ahead.  If that level of togetherness wasn't enough, we continue our hangout sesh at my desk.

You don't get jealous of the time I spend typing away on the keyboard, or the undivided attention I give to my emails. You know that you are number one in my heart, and I will drink you until every last drop is consumed.

You get me through that 9 to 5 like nobody's business, and sometimes it takes seconds, even thirds, to stay motivated and push through the office grind.

You're always there to ensure that caffeine will be constantly running through my veins and acting as the energetic catalyst behind my witty remarks in meetings and keeping me alive despite the 3 pm afternoon lull.

You're my best friend. Whenever I'm in a crappy mood, you don't roll your eyes and leave my side. You don't bitch about me behind my back, or complain about my complaining. Instead, you're a constant comfort, always giving me a reality check and delivering the solace that I need.

Sometimes, I may dump you out in the sink if I can't finish you, or toss you in the trash if you get too cold. I mean, things happen, but you always forgive me. #BF4L, seriously.

Through every breakup, you've never left my side. Those mornings I needed some extra help facing the day ahead? When I kept checking my phone multiple times to keep realizing the lack of text messages from my ex?

When I sat deleting every pictorial iota of our relationship ever recorded on Facebook and Instagram?

You called up your little friend, espresso, and gave me the extra jolt I needed to wake me from my doom and gloom, and bring me back to life. In fact, you're probably the one thing I didn't hate during those times of crisis.

You let me cry, dissect situations forwards, backwards and sideways amongst all of my friends, and yet, you continued to stick by me. For better or for worse, right? Who needs guys when I have you?

You've probably heard some of my deepest darkest secrets. You've been with me through all-nighters in preparation for the delivery of my college thesis, walked miles and miles in iced form during summer shopping at the outlets.

You've watched me cry from laughing so hard over dessert at family parties, and you've nursed some of my most wicked hangover headaches.

I know you'll be there for me when I make huge presentations at work, or watch my siblings graduate from college. You'll be there when he proposes and when I walk down the aisle in that glorious white dress.

Your lesser-loved decaf version will make itself available when pregnancy rolls around someday.

We'll share all the important life moments together: the good, the bad, the happy and the sad. More or less, you're my best friend, boyfriend, confidant and therapist. You're my trainer and my motivator. I'm addicted to you, but in a good way.

I'll never get mad at you, unless you decide to spill all over my white pants, sweater, car or hand -- all of which has happened, but we've moved past that. Thank you for being the bomb ass drink that never fails me.

I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you, coffee.



Photo Courtesy: Tumblr