Not All Sororities Are Created Equal: The Best Sorority Houses In The Country

by Ashley Fern

Sorority houses: home to the craziest, most fun and most social females across the country. Each sorority house has a different story behind its creation. As you can tell from the title, not all chapters are created equally.

What a girl’s sorority house looks like says a lot about the organization. Large, domineering houses are what everyone intimidating girl wants to represent. Let's take a look at the sickest sorority houses across the country:

Indiana: Tri Delta

This house has such significance to it that it was featured in the coming of age movie “Breaking Away.” The outside may look vast; however, the truth is the house features one giant room fit for a 3-tier bunk beds. This forced the girls to sleep in freezing, cold dorm rooms.

Florida State: Zeta Tau Alpha

This huge mansion’s architectural beauty matches those of the girls in which it houses. Home to some of the prettiest girls on campus, the ZTA house is the place to check out for sure.

University Of Arizona: Sigma Kappa

Apparently things are done a little bit differently out in AZ for the sorority scene. Each house has a completely different look in contrast to the others. The one exception is the house of Sigma Kappa.

Penn State: Cross Hall

JK. Everyone knows that PSU isn’t allowed to have sorority houses because of the “brothel” rule. So what does this party school have to offer? Dorm life. The sickest dorm of all would have to be Cross Hall. Home to Tri Delta and Kappa Delta, this dorm houses the most outgoing girls on campus.

Wisconsin: Alpha Chi Omega

As we stated in the title, not all sorority houses are created equal. Alpha Chi Omega is a massive house equipped with tall white columns that trump all other sororities on campus, and most in the nation.

Maryland: Tri Delta

This house looks as if it has come to life from the pages of a magazine. This house features a type of old school style as you are greeted with a grand piano upon entry. It fits approximately 90 girls as opposed to other campus houses that can only hold up to 40. This is the advantage they have over other chapters, as Tri Delt allows the majority of the chapter to live together at once.

Syracuse: Kappa Kappa Gamma

This award would’ve gone to A Chi O if not for acts of hazing, but now the award goes to the sisters of KKG. The KKG house resides comfortably in the center of Fraternity Row. This chapter boasts a circular driveway that wraps around the entire house. The lucky ladies of Kappa Kappa Gamma also have a private chief- shoutouts to Chef Patty.

Vanderbilt: Pi Phi

These ladies caught a lucky break. The Pike fraternity, the previous owners, couldn’t pay the debt on the house so the Pi Phi Alumni purchased this house for their girls. The catch? Only the officers can live in the house.

University of Central Florida: Zeta

It seems that the Florida schools have one thing in common on this list -- Zeta Tau Alpha takes the cake in coolest house design. Maybe it’s the palm trees?

College Of Charleston: Tri Delt

CofC is a college where the females vastly out number the men. Tri Delt is a gorgeous house that looks like it was taken straight out of Disney World, perfectly adorned with stained class windows. As most other houses on campus, this house is owned by the sisters of the sorority. The house is comprised of four main bedrooms and a spacious attic above. Six sisters may live in the house at one time.

ADPi was a great looking house until it was overcome with black mold and shut down. Currently it is in the process of being torn down, but once it's resurrected maybe this house will once again outshine Tri Delt.

University of Florida: Tri-Delt

Unlike the previous Florida universities, UF’s nicest sorority house has to be that of Tri Delt. This house is enormous as every two rooms share a common area. The best part is that you are required to live in the house for at least one school year.

University Of Pittsburgh: Kappa Kappa Gamma

Well f*cking duh. This is the only house on campus since they were able to fill requirements, such as a live in cook, live in mom and a maid. Every other sorority was forced to live in dorms.