Home Is Where The Heart Is: Why To Never Forget Where You Came From

by Sarah Kaye Santos

When we think of the word "home," it evokes certain feelings, revives specific memories and sparks a familiar essence that we are able to recall just by thinking of the combination of four simple letters.

The moments that allow us to distinguish a particular location or perhaps, an individual or a group of people shape and construct our ideas of home.

Home is supposed to be where we find tranquility and where we can feel like our most comfortable selves.

Even if your home is filled with extremely talkative friends or family members or a loud environment, it is still something that you're so used to that it feels tranquil.

There is peace in the familiarity of a person/people/place that resonates so well with who we are.

Home is more than just a mere structure of architecture that is composed of walls and a roof, which we consider to be our shelter.

Sometimes, the places we consider home aren't even places where we have immediate family, nor where we currently reside, nor where we grew up.

Rather, home may be a bookstore full of shelves stocked with classics and recent publications, a coffee shop where you're most able to zone in on work or the place where you and your friends get together when you're bored.

Home may be the dirt pathway through the park where you take your morning run each day, the boat you take out on the lake when the weather permits or the track where you push yourself to do better than last time.

Home is where everything sort of clicks and where weight can be temporarily lifted from your shoulders, even if for a few hours.

As time goes on and we gradually age, the one thing that we can always count on following us is change.

Despite how frightening it may be and how spontaneously it occurs, the changes that takes place with or without our knowing may make it hard for to keep up with the people and places that play such a major role in who we are.

We can get so caught up in work, or lost in finding ourselves in the real world, or end up trying so hard to stay on top of everything going on at school that sometimes, we simply forget to touch base with who or where we consider to be home.

However, it's not so much the excuse that we are busy. Instead, it's that we put the importance of other things above who or what brings us to this state of comfort and so, we justify this forgetfulness with how busy we can be.

We become so accustomed to always moving forward and taking every opportunity that comes our way because we're afraid to fall behind the rest of society or behind our friends who are constantly making progress.

Some of us become obsessed with lists and want to ensure everything on those lists gets finished on time while some of us find it best to live a little and take every fleeting opportunity of enjoyment because we fear that this is the only time it's appropriate to do such things.

Sometimes, we lose sight of who we are, but not because we're badly influenced or have decided to embark on a new particular road.

Rather, we accidentally lose sight of the people and places who mean the most to us, who and which ultimately are components that make us who we are.

We have to remember that for every time life pulls us in an unfamiliar direction that we're not excited about exploring, we always have the option to go home.

It's important for us to never to lose sight of home because that place and those people are always what will bring out our best selves.

Home should take us out of reality for a little bit and distract us from whatever's taking up too much space in our minds at the time.

Home should allow us to let go of whatever causes us any sort of distress. It's places and people like these we always want to have around for life's highest highs and lowest lows.

Never lose sight of home and never forget who and where brings the best out in you. Home is your place and the constant you want to have when everything else around you seems to change.