19 Times When Men Proved To Be Way More Insecure Than Women

by Lauren Martin

Men are a lot of things... but call them insecure and it only makes the problem worse.

I’m sorry. You’re right. How dare I? It’s the women who are insecure, not the men. It’s the women who worry about their penis size and their ability to perform. It’s women who care about their height and making more money.

Men don’t worry about anything – just trivial things like how they look in that outfit.

Anyone who's been in a relationship, hookup with or has talked to a man for more than five minutes knows a man is as insecure as any woman.

Yes, we ladies are sensitive and sometimes emotional, but trust us, we know an insecure fool when we see one.

Because we know what insecurity looks like -- we’ve been fed it for years. We’re Yodas in the realm of inadequacy and imperfection.

We know what a jealous boyfriend is really screaming about and why he's really wearing that beanie in the summer.

The worst part about men, however, is they’re insecure about being insecure. They can’t admit their insecurities because it only makes it worse.

Instead, they let their insecurities manifest and many times, they take it out on the women around them.

So for all the women out there dealing with a man, just remember even though they pretend they're strong and unaffected, they hurt too.

When they're shorter than that other guy.

Come on, let’s go where no one wants to go -- up there. Yes, society has made height important, but honestly, a lot of women don't care.

No man or woman has everything and if height is the one thing you're missing, you're most likely making up for it in ways tall men lack.

To shut down this insecurity forever, just know Mark Wahlberg is 5’7″.

When they're making less money.

The evidence is in: According to research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, men are more threatened by their partner's success than women are.

According to researchers, "the success of the partner might harm men’s self-esteem more than women’s in part because men tend to value agentic traits (e.g. competence) more than women do."

When they meet our friends.

Most women are great at fitting in with the guys because, let's face it, it's not that hard. Men, however, aren't as confident going in.

What they need to know, however, is it's not hard to impress her friends -- just be a nice guy.

When the bill comes.

There comes a point in every woman's life when she'll want to start splitting the bill or picking it up entirely. It's common decency, and men should be lucky to be with a woman like that.

Men, however, see it as splitting their balls. Watching a woman hand over the bill doesn't need to be emasculating; it should empower them and the woman they've chosen to share it with.

When they say "I love you."

Men may say it first, but they expect you to say it 20 times after. They put their heart out for a second and they're ready to pull it in just as fast.

Here's a little insight for you: Women consistently have their hearts pulled out and thrown in our faces. So men, trust us when we say you're not going out on such a huge limb.

When they have whiskey dick.

While women worry about what they do when they're drunk, men worry about what (or who) they're not doing.

We're all old enough to get drunk and we're all old enough to understand sometimes things don't always work properly when you're 10 shots deep.

Women don't hold it against you as much as you can't hold it up.

When they're at the gym.

That guy lifts more than me, so he's more of a man, right? Wrong. There's no such thing as "more of a man."

A woman looks at how much you bench as much as you look at how much makeup she wears. We like you for how you are and aren't comparing your arms to every guy who walks by.

When they're skinny.

Do you think a woman worries all day because she has small boobs or an ass that isn't like Nicki Minaj?

Women's flaws are thrown in their faces every day, yet we somehow manage to leave the house.

If you're insecure about your skinny frame, bulk up or find a woman who doesn't care (and it's easier than you'd expect).

When they experience emotions.

You've been taught not to cry the same way women have been taught not to act like men. Being in tune with your emotions takes way more courage and "manliness" than refusing to admit you have them.

When they have to ask for directions.

It's like if asking for directions is asking where they can find their dick. Somehow they feel lesser if they don't know north from south.

For the sake of women in passenger seats everywhere, please believe us when we say it's not a turn-off when you ask for directions, it's just a turn in a right one.

When they're asked their shoe size.

How do you think women feel about their chest size? Not only are we asked about it, but constantly compared, judged and scrutinized for it.

Whether we're too big or too small, it's something we can't just look down at. No woman cares how big your feet are, most of us don't even know the conversion anyway.

When they look at their calves.

Every guy has a little bit of Johnny Drama in him. Do you know how crazy Drama looked? There's your answer, you are crazy and no one cares... unless you're in Hollywood and your brother in Vincent Chase.

When they're balding.

Hair is something we women are used to worrying about. Too thin, too thick, too short.

One day the trend is with pixie cuts, the next you have to look like you're in "Game of Thrones." Fortunately for you guys, you can rock the bald look.

When you want to please a woman.

Pleasing a woman is hard and we understand where the insecurity comes from. But if you haven't already noticed, women do not place the orgasm on as high a priority as men.

Work with us, get to know us and it will happen.

When they're drinking.

That guy has 20 pounds on you, so obviously he's going to be able to drink more. Knowing your limits is way more manly than going shot-for-shot.

When they're cheated on.

Men are not great with dealing with rejection. Newsflash: We feel the same way when you talk to other women. Why don't we just both stop hurting each other?

When you talk about your ex-boyfriend.

He'll act like he doesn't care by probably calling him a douchebag, but he's definitely Facebooking him later. This is universal.

When they see their ex-girlfriend's rebound.

They'll go out and try and bang the next chick at the bar, but, in reality, they just want to be hit the guy in the face.

When they care more in the relationship.

There's nothing worse than a man who thinks he cares more. Unfortunately, if they feel that way, it's probably true. Fortunately, every woman knows that feeling and can understand.