Most Men Are Cowards, But Are Too Cowardly To Admit It

by Paul Hudson

We live in a very confused culture – a culture that awards stupidity and looks down upon natural inclination. We set standards for ourselves or we follow age-old, outdated standards, and refuse to stray from our path.

We pretend that we are capable of living up to these standards that, in reality, are impossible to live up to.

Take men for example. Men are not only encouraged to be strong and indifferent to emotion, but expected to be such. You may say that not everyone expects such characteristics in a man – such a cold and removed persona – but, in reality, it only matters what one person expects from him.

Men set ridiculous and stupid expectations for themselves and then do all they can to hide their inability to live up to them.

Men aren’t evil bastards; they’re stupid bastards who are too cowardly to admit how cowardly they really are.

When did fear become a bad thing? When was it that we decided that the most basic of evolutionary traits was something that was to be overcome and avoided?

Instead of being seen as advantageous, fear in man is believed to be a weakness. This backwards way of thinking is the reason why the world is constantly in a state of war.

It’s not the women’s fault – it’s entirely the men’s. Men have been waging war for centuries to either mask their fear or to spite their fear. Regardless, all the killing, all the terror and strife in the world are the result of man being unwilling to accept fear as a natural part of his life.

When man is faced with something he does not understand, his first impulse is fear. His second is to destroy. Fear makes us question our strength and that is something that our egos will not allow for.

We have to be certain that we have power over all things because that is the only way to minimize the fear that we experience – fear is uncomfortable.

For this reason, we battle. We conquer. We torture. We destroy. The tendency to fear combined with a relentless ego is a very dangerous thing. We have been living in the aftermath since the dawn of man.

We live in a society in which everyone pretends to be equal, but no one actually believes it. We all believe ourselves to be better than others because we are privileged to this singular consciousness.

We cannot live in another man’s shoes and because we believe that there is a meaning to life – a meaning to our existence – we believe that we must be "special."

The problem is that when every single person in the world believes himself to be special, we’re left with a large mass of individuals all living in a false reality. We aren’t all special because such a possibility is logically impossible. If we’re all special, then no one is special.

But how to escape? We have no choice but to function within the confines of the societies that we have created. If we choose to ignore the rules entirely, we will get nowhere in life. We will be deemed failures. We will be either exiled or destroyed.

Those who believe themselves to be the strongest, regardless of the reality of things, love to reaffirm their strength by preying on those they believe to be weaker. Why? Because they’re afraid of being seen as equally weak.

In other words, you can either choose to play their game or be their victim. This dynamic can be seen across all facets of our lives.

Other than the constant wars we fight and have been fighting since before written word, we see men trying to prove to themselves how strong and brave they are on a regular basis. Men prey on each other almost as much as they prey on women.

Women, unfortunately, live in a man’s world – a world in which physical strength is always seen as the ultimate way out. If you can’t beat them, kill them. If you can’t outthink them, kill them.

Women, arguably, have a more complex and better-developed psyche, yet have historically been treated as second class citizens. Why is it that women are looked down upon, under compensated and disrespected? Because men fear them, and the only way to quiet that fear is to remind ourselves that we are capable of destroying them.

We’re afraid of them, so we belittle them. We train women to believe that they live to serve man – that they are vessels for us to fill and use for our own pleasure and benefit.

You see, men feel as if they are always at war with the rest of the human race. It may not be a spoken truth, but it is a truth nonetheless. We can, or believe that we can, deal with one group, one sex.

But add another sex to the equation, add females, and we have twice as much to worry about. Women, in reality, aren’t that different from men. The only real difference is that they have been and continue to be oppressed.

Men understand that if women were to get an equal chance in life that they would most definitely join the warfare that we have all been waging. Moreover, we know how very well they would do – and that scares us.

Men are afraid of other men. They are afraid of women. They are afraid of their own inabilities and weaknesses. And because we fear so much, we figure it’s easier to kill than to risk being killed. Men are the most cowardly beings on the planet – but they’re too cowardly and stupid to admit it.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It

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