Live Your Life In Such A Way That No One Can Ever Say A Bad Word About You

When you die, there is only one piece of you that survives, goes on to live outside of you – your meme. I’m not talking about Internet Memes, but meme memes.

Memes are ideas, behaviors, concepts, styles, trends, etc., that spread throughout a culture from person to person – basically by word of mouth.

After you die the only thing that remains of you, the only tangible form of you that survives on this planet, in this life, in this reality is the idea of you. The only way of cheating death indefinitely is by living throughout eternity in the form of a meme, a memory, an idea.

As long as other highly intelligent beings such as ourselves exist, it is possible to be immortal – in a way, of course.

Your meme, the idea of you, surviving after you are long gone may not excite most people too much, but if you think of what it means to exist, why it’s important – if at all – then the concept of living on potentially forever in the form of a meme is rather inviting.

Not to mention that that’s the only way you can live on past your death…. So it’s either that or nothing. It’s a no-brainer really; you should live your life in a way that your meme lives on not only forever, but forever under a positive light.   You should always do your best to leave a positive impression on those you interact with in your life.

Every memory of you embedded in another’s mind is a piece of you living on outside of yourself. An incredible thought, isn’t it? It can be argued that valuing a man’s or woman’s life can solely be based off the way that they’re remembered by others.

1. You want others to remember you for your achievements, your accomplishments, and your successes.

You want to be remembered as a winner – someone who refused to give up, refused to accept failure, refused to accept mediocrity as a lifestyle.

You want to others to think of you and be inspired, look up to you and look to you for guidance. You want to leave this world as an example of what one person, one human being, can accomplish with only one lifetime.

2. You want to be remembered for your kindness, fairness, and your overall character.

You want people to think of you and say, “Now that (guy or gal) was such a beautiful person, an incredibly loving human being. I’ve never seen a heart so big.” You want your meme to tell a story of compassion, benevolence, and respect for life altogether.

3. You want to be remembered for the positive changes that you created.

Not only in your personal life, but in the lives of others. The fact is that most people won’t remember the changes you created to your own life – unless, of course, those changes also affected them in some way.

To be remembered, to truly never be forgotten, you have to change the life of millions, if not billions. However, changing the life of only a handful of people, but in a more profound and personal way, will embed your memory even deeper. You should aim for both scale and quality.

4. You want to be remembered for your wisdom and intellect.

You want to die being admired and respected – admired and respected for how you dealt with serious situations, how you looked at the world, the level at which you understood the world, and how you were able to bend the world to your will.

Wisdom and intellect can get you just about anything in life. If you’re smart and wise then the only other thing you need is bit of luck. You want to be remembered for the way you saw the world.

5. You want to be remembered as being a great friend, a great son or daughter, a wonderful husband or wife, and an amazing father or mother.

The more personal and intimate the relationship, the more those in the relationship influence and affect each other. People often won’t realize how their personal decisions affect the lives of others – most of all those they hold dearest.

Not everyone can or will be remembered on a vast scale, but that doesn’t matter. At the end of the day the only thing that really matters is what those that truly knew you think of you. Live your life as to be horribly missed by those closest to you and you won’t regret the life you’ve lived.

6. You want to be remembered for your beliefs, your ethics, and your decisions.

We don’t only want to be remembered for the things we did, but also be remembered for the things we thought and believed. We want the things that we stood for, that we dedicated our lives to, that guided us through life to continue on living after we’re gone.

Everybody feels a need to be a part of something greater than themselves. If you yourself can’t live forever then at the very least help ensure that the things you stand for have a chance of attaining immortality.

Photo Credit: We Heart It

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