11 Times The Rich Kids Of Instagram's Lives Are Just Way Better Than Yours

by Charlotte Phillips

Ah, to be a Rich Kid of Instagram. These kids are obnoxious, spoiled, money-obsessed and happy to post their ridiculous lifestyles for all of social media to see.

No action is too gross, no yacht too large, no Rolex too diamond- encrusted.

If we sound bitter, that's because we are. When you compare their lives to ours (via their Tumblr, and regular people's Instagram,) it's quite clear. #welose.

1. Transport

This is how the Rich Kids travel around. In style, luxury and comfort, with personal space and limited edition cars.

By: @ricemoney

This is what you experience as you travel around. Every day.

By: @stephcanarte

2. Lunch

This is how Rich Kids do Lunch. In the Hamptons, with a delicious spread of all your favorite foods.

Enjoyed in the sun and prepared by someone else.

By @ericadowns

And this is what you just ate, at your desk, trawling through photos of people who are hot and rich and living a life of funemployment forever.

And now, even the sandwich is gone and you're left only with the memory and mounds of resentment.

By: @francoissssssss

3. Vacation

This lucky Rich Kid is in Mykonos, Greece, taking in the view, the sun, the delicious Greek food and the knowledge that this is a standard of luxury he will always be able to afford.

Summer holidays are great, but life's a constant vacay for these kids.

By: @jacksiebert

Also, just in case you were worried, I'm sure they arrived via this.

By: @jessicaelle311

And for the rest of us, with our 10 vacation days? Well, if we can afford to go anywhere -- and we often can't -- our budget stretches to somewhere like this.

Who wants to rob a bank with me?

By: @santru

4. Shopping

Done the best possible way, if you're a rich kid. With daddy's black Amex, no limit and infinite amounts of time and stores at your disposal .

By: @mkaella14

And for the regular people? Yay, strip malls! Who doesn't love discounted goods? Stores full of ugly, badly-sized clothes with the wrong labels?

Rubbing shoulders with people who don't seem to shower? Shopping can be a very, very different experience.

By: @robertafallon

5. Bling

Rolexes, Cartier Love bracelets, Hermès cuffs... these kids can buy what they want, when they want and, most of the time, they want expensive jewelry. All together now... life's. not. fair.

By: @kresnick11

And what about regular people's bling? What bling? No bling. I wish for bling.

You know what looks good? A tan, bejeweled wrist. You know what doesn't? A pale, unadorned one.

By: @perfectly_imperfect827

6. Party

You know what rich kids are good at? Partying. They can spray champagne and dance on tables and stay out until 5 am.

Why? Because for them, YOLO isn't just a hashtag. It's a lifestyle and a justification for spending a year's rent in a club.

By: @edbezzant

Sadly, normal parties aren't quite as glamorous. There's rarely any champagne spraying and they're just be lame and boring.

As if we didn't know this already, but just to reaffirm: It's better to be rich.

By: @lyion.bytyqi

7. Toilets

That's right, even their toilets are better. Who wouldn't want to sh*t on a gold-plated throne?

By: @official_antoine

Especially when, for regular people, the alternative is this.

By: @sassafrassx

8. Air Travel

Ah, to travel by personal helicopter, to land on your personal tennis court. To have your own pilot, to be able to leave the country on a moment's notice.

By: @official_antoine

And meanwhile, your only option is the far more miserable, far less luxurious alternative: coach. Because who doesn't love sharing limited amounts of oxygen with 400 people they don't know?

Or the joy of airport lines and, of course, the real delight... plane food?

By: @bookquirks

9. Christmas

When you're a rich kid, Christmas doesn't only mean (more) presents. It means an entire staff decorating your mansion so it resembles this. It's hard not to feel festive when you're rich.

By: @alexander_dgr8

When you're not a rich kid, Christmas is a little sadder. A lot more effort for a lot less result, unfortunately.

By: Tatyana Polyglot

10. Leisure sports

This is exactly how skiing should be done. With copious amounts of champagne and more après-ski than actual ski.

The rich kids know it's about being seen in St. Moritz, not about falling down a blue slope.

By: @sam_henderson

And poor, inexperienced, bargain-hunting skiiers end up looking like this.

The rich kids look cool; everyone else looks stupid and like they're about to break their wrists.

By: @samtrefaller

11. Spring Cleaning

You know when you clean out your closet only to discover moth balls, moldy tennis shoes and a banana? Yeah, no.

When these kids clean out their closets, they realize they've bought the same purse in every color, and should take out stock in Louboutin.

By: @aniannak

If this is a more familiar spring-cleaning scenario, I both sympathize and empathize.

By: @embodied_junkii

Top Photo Courtesy: Instagram/ StevenSachs