Be Spontaneous: Why You Need To Forget Your Plans And Keep An Open Mind

Many Generation-Yers don't do well with change. I myself was one of them. Learning to practice that change can be a good thing can ultimately help you keep an open mind in your path of life even when it unexpectedly drives you off course.

You're in a stable relationship, have a fantastic job, a supportive family, and tight-knit group of friends. You live in a fun city, you're social, yet hardworking, and you get along with almost everyone.You finally feel you are at a solid place where everything is right in your life.

You begin to envision your future and expect it to play out accordingly. Your boyfriend will eventually turn into your husband, you’ll raise the perfect family in a beautiful home, you will rise to become an executive of your current company, and your family and friends will be there alongside this journey you've planned out for yourself.

Then, when you least expect it, life throws you a curveball. Maybe "forever" didn't workout with that boyfriend you had for years, maybe that perfect job went sour, or maybe you lost a family member or best friend. Whatever the case, you’ll need to cope.

If you’ve trained your mind to be open to change and understand that there are no guarantees in life, you will be ready. If you haven’t, then you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

There are many daily occurrences that affect our direction in life. When you rely too much on setting an exact plan for yourself, you may become disappointed when things don't work out as expected. This can create a huge impact on your emotions after the fact.

I've learned through experience that keeping an open mind (and heart) will help you stay on track, even when the road bends. Not to say you shouldn't hope for the best when you feel life is good, but be prepared for anything that may alter your plans. Then be open to making new ones.

Always keep an open mind, and remember, when something exits your life, it's because something better is meant to take its place.

Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It