Journalist Travels To Uruguay To Smoke Weed With The Country's President (Video)

The second installment of VICE's "Smoking Weed With The President Of Uruguay" starts with a look around a typical neighborhood of the South American country, where VICE correspondent Krishna Andavolu meets with one of many citizens who grows personal marijuana plants.

It's a refreshing look at a culture that not only accepts marijuana but wholeheartedly believes in its abilities to heal and foster deep connections, The explain their opinion that it's the oldest and most sacred plant, and -- perhaps more importantly -- the one that connects us with the spirit. It's also used to make many medicines, but we're no stranger to the healing properties of medical marijuana.

The best part of the documentary comes when Andavolu heads to the farm of Uruguay's president, José Mujica, to smoke, chill and talk about the president's plan to get six cannabis plants in every household. And while the president doesn't actually smoke weed, his support and understanding of the need for the drug is enough for him to be deemed the dopest president in our books.