Inside Jokes For Days: 10 Reasons Why Spring Break Is Best With BFFs

by Kristina Udice

Spring break is a time for letting loose and giving in. It’s all about four-too-many shots of tequila, bright bikinis and meeting the boys you’ve seen in those made-for-TV movies.

It’s all about the crystal clear oceans, beach waves and drinking fruity drinks with umbrellas in them.

But, even if your ideal spring break doesn’t involve keg stands and beachside bonfires, it’s still important you share this week with friends — and I’m not just talking about those girls you talk to in psych class.

Some of the best memories come from times spent with your best friends.

They're the people who stay up late with you binge watching "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt;" the people who know to order an appetizer of mozzarella sticks without questioning it; the people who’ve seen you with eyeliner caked to your cheeks and hair that hasn’t been washed in days.

The idea of spending a week with a huge group of people all ready to party (and spend way too much time feeling sorry about it afterward) can be very appealing.

Cheap vodka, sandy beaches and the feeling of the sun, warm on your skin, is tantalizing, but in the long run, is it worth it?

It’s hard getting along with people, especially when you’ve been crammed into the same tiny hotel room for five nights straight. I mean, don’t people know they’re supposed to brush their teeth every day?

Spending spring break with your closest friends is just so much nicer (and probably cleaner) than any other option, so why wouldn’t you?

You can eat all the food

There’s no worrying about judgment here; it’s a safe zone. Whatever the craving, any food is up for grabs (and we prefer it to be all the food).

Do you really need that cheese dip before dinner? No, but you’re sure as hell going to lick the bowl clean.

The best part is your friends will do it with you.

You can do absolutely nothing and still have fun

Sometimes, the best thing to do on spring break is nothing, even if you’re in a beautiful tropical paradise or a European city of wonder.

Your closest friends wont judge you; it’ll probably be their idea in the first place. And, really, what’s better than a group of friends sitting on the couch, eating chips by the handful, while watching Netflix? I can’t think of a single thing.

They’ll always support your sloppy, drunken mistakes (even if they make fun of you)

So, you probably drank a little more than you should have. You were at the bar with the girls, and before you knew it, your lips were all over the cute English boy with the plaid shirt.

I mean, in the moment, you were totally rocking it, but the next day, you come to the horrible realization that what you thought was you at your prime was just the hot mess express.

Your friends egged you on and rubbed your back in the cab ride home, but in the cold light of morning, they have nothing to offer but jokes and relentless laughter. You know you deserve it, and you laugh right along with them.

Splitting costs is always understood

Spring break is not cheap, even if you make sacrifices. But, the best thing about going with your best friends is you’re all on the same page.

One of you will pick up the tab for the cab and the next day you’ll have change waiting for you on the kitchen table.

It’s an unspoken promise between close friends that everyone will pay for everything equally, and not having that constant anxiety is such a beautiful feeling.

You know each other's quirky habits

Jessica likes to brush her teeth in the shower. Elizabeth eats her waffles with her hands. Kayla sleeps with the entire contents of her suitcase thrown about on her bed.

You’ve probably known these girls for years, lived with them and brought them home to your house. You know those weird little ticks they have, and you even find them a little endearing.

This trip won’t show you anything you haven’t already seen. You accept their quirks and they accept yours.

You want to do (almost) all the same things

This is something that's hard to come by when traveling in large groups with people you’re not so close with, but you and your best friends are almost always on the same page.

You probably made a Google doc before the trip and filled it with an itinerary you all agreed upon; you probably found the same bars to visit, too.

There’s no stress about making compromises or doing things others don’t want to do. You’re all just happy to be on this trip together in the first place.

There won’t be any (real) fights

Okay, so you and your friends are sharing a flat and it’s been four days, and I mean, come on, you just want your space. You want to wake up, take your time and do your thing, but you’re surrounded by all these other people.

They are people you love, but people, nonetheless.

It can get frustrating being with someone for such a long time, regardless of how close you are. But, you’ll never snap, not really. You’ll all sit in silence, get a bit passive aggressive, retire to your rooms and close the doors, but you’ll never let it get any worse than that.

And, by the next morning, you’re all refreshed and ready to forget about any irritation from the day before.

There is never a third wheel

...Or a fifth wheel, or a seventh wheel. You’re all as close as can be. You’ve made it through the hardest years and now you can’t imagine not hanging out with these girls.

No one ever feels left out because everyone adds the perfect dynamic to the group.

There's the one who loves to crack jokes, the one who loves to kiss boys, the one who always gets you home after a particularly late night and the one who wakes everyone up at 8 am to start the day of exploring.

It just wouldn’t be right without everyone around.

You’ll always leave with the best stories and inside jokes

You already know each other's deepest, darkest secrets, but spring break is the perfect time for new ones. This is when even the oldest stories come out and our inner awkwardness rises to the surface.

You’ll be dying with laughter throughout the entirety of you trip, while suddenly remembering the stupid thing your friend did at the bar last night. You all will burst into hysterical tears in the middle of a quiet museum. Oops.

They’ll take care of you when you’ve gone too far

Even though it can be funny looking back on a crazy night out, your friends know how to take care of you.

If you’re feeling particularly down after a night of too much cheap beer, they’ll be there to bring you water and saltines.

You all care about each other and hate seeing someone sick or upset, even if she probably deserves it.

Close friends will always be there to pick you back up after a wild spring break night.

In the end, there’s no point in sacrificing the beautify of a week with close friends for a vacation with the frat boy who plans on getting drunk off of Bud Light five nights in a row in some shady spring break hostel.

Nor is it worth it getting into stupid cat fights with girls you barely know for the sake of a movie-esque spring break story.

Stick with what you know; stick with the people you know and who know you best. As long as you have each other, you have a spring break you’ll never forget.