This Video Will Make You Completely Rethink How You Interact With Nature (Video)

"You rush home to watch an electronic reproduction of life."

Do you have five minutes for your mind to be blown? Five minutes for one video to say everything you've ever thought about the state of our society and the world we inhabit? Five minutes for someone to reinforce the sheer absurdity of the way we spend our lives working and consuming, destroying any bit of real beauty and enjoyment in living? This video, this wonderfully crafted and eloquently spoken video, is the video of our generation.

If you're one of those introspective people who thinks that our society is on the dangerous tip of insanity, with backwards morals and superficial goals, this video will change your life. Like reading a good book, it just feels like it was meant for you, saying everything you've ever wanted to say, but more beautifully. Enjoy, and don't be afraid to let it change your life.

As with anything, I suggest chiefing on a joint for a better viewing experience.