Nothing Is Something: 11 Reasons Why Chilling Is A Legitimate Hobby

by Elite Daily Staff

Forget stuntin'....

“Chillin’ is a habit, get like me.” - David Banner

There are two types of people in this world: those who can chill and those who cannot. One is not better than the other. One is not more special than the other.

It is simply just a fact of life that there are some people who can hang all day, and there are others who need to be doing something.

The latter group likes activities. These people like having set plans and getting outside and pitching in where they can.

They don’t recognize sitting on the couch all day with the company of various electronic devices and books as a real activity. They don’t understand how someone could want to do that all day.

People who can chill live for Sundays. They like getting things done around the house and taking time out for themselves.

They know the sacred value of television marathons and being able to entertain themselves. You’re never late to a chill party.

We’re professional chillers. We don’t mind getting sick because it means we have an excuse not to leave the horizontal position.

We love snow days and rainy days. Sunny days are nice too, except sometimes we feel a “nice weather pressure” to be outside.

But most importantly, we are not not active just because we can hang all day.

Chilling is a hobby. A way to spend the day completely your own way. Sure, there’s no schedule to adhere to (besides the feeding one) or mandatory rules in place.

But it is a commitment, and it can be a productive way to spend your day even if it is low-key. You’re still doing something.

Non-chillers may not understand us. They may not appreciate our way of life. And that’s okay. That’s to be expected, frankly, because non-chillers aren’t chill.

Come hang out with us a for a little bit. It’s pretty chill here.

Because doing nothing is actually doing something... here’s why chilling is an indisputable hobby:

1. Because you can spend a marathon on the couch

Stretching out is basically yoga and tuning out is de-stressing and probably good for your heart. Remember, taking time to relax is still taking the time to do something -- and it's time well spent.

2. Because vegging out sounds healthy

It’s definitely low-carb. Chilling is still purposeful. You’re recharging your batteries, so that you can eventually utilize this stored energy.

Recall the great thinkers throughout history -- Albert Einstein, Noam Chomsky, Nora Ephron, Maya Angelou -- according to unspecified claims, they all loved to hang out.

When else would they come up with such great ideas or have the time to write them down?

3. Because climbing into bed with a good book is more fun than climbing rocks

Who said you don’t use your brain when you’re chilling? Imagination is what makes the hours pass. Active learning doesn’t have to require active movement.

You can travel more in your bed than you ever could on a Sunday hike; you can skirt the pesky space-time continuum and still be there to pick up your Seamless order.

4. Because channel surfing is a year-round sport

Being the Master Of The Remote is a highly respectable and regarded profession. It takes years to cultivate knowledge of channels and programming.

Whoever is the Master of Remotes has to take on more responsibility during chill time -- they are in charge of everyone’s viewing pleasure. And yes, chill time comes with responsibilities.

5. Because you don’t have to get out of bed to get your heart rate up

There are things like scary movies and sexytime and horizontal bicycle crunches that do the job just fine.

6. Because running your mouth takes energy

It’s certainly exhausting enough to listen to…

7. Because you can hang tight even better than you can hang 10

The ability to entertain yourself is important. You have to be your best friend first before you can have others. Chill people understand this, which is why they have so many other chill friends.

8. Because swimming in ideas is better than a pool

Chill people are inspired, despite seemingly appearing to do nothing all day. They have their own original thoughts to occupy their time. It is said that Pythagoras came up with his infamous theorem in bed. Let’s see a swimming pool motivate someone to come up with that.

9. Because building a pillow fort is a form of construction

Not to mention, you feel very accomplished after. Playing with pillows is kind of like playing with a drunk dude -- they go soft, and it’s a lot of work.

10. Because jumping into bed is more satisfying than jumping into a game

Why flex your muscles when you can rest them?

11. Because you can appreciate a day dedicated to yourself

Which is probably why you’re so chill in the first place. You have no worries, no priorities and no place to be but with yourself.