7 Hangover Foods And What Your Choice Says About You As A Person

by Camille Cava

It's the morning after. Last night's clothes uncomfortably cling and hang off of your body in all of the wrong places. Your hair falls and twists in every which way, and you confusingly look around your room.

Your first thought is not "what happened last night?" but rather, "I need food." You might have even discussed the different things you were going to eat in the morning to cure this hangover while drunkenly munching on snacks last night.

We can all tell a lot about a person through his or her most important decisions, such as food choice. What you eat hungover can also indicate a lot about how your night went, as well. Here's what your favorite hangover food says about you:


You forgot to "carb up" before you started to drink and now you are hurting. You're only awake enough to grab a hunk of bread in hopes that it will help. This is the standard go-to hungover food.

You are low maintenance, simple and just need a goddamn bagel, so the line in the store better move faster. Plus, who doesn't love bagels?

The Ultimate Egg Sandwich

You need more than just a bagel, and breakfast is your favorite meal of the day. You're a morning person and a foodie, and you need a sandwich, stat.

Eggs, melted cheese and savory bacon smashed together on a bagel. Egg, double cheese, ham, toast and potatoes. Actually, just throw a steak in there while you're at it; it's almost lunch time, anyway.

The combinations are endless, and you can eat them all. Not only are you hungover, you also went hard last night and your breakfast needs to go just as hard. Plus, you need the protein in case you are energetic enough for the gym later.


The only movement you are making is lifting and stretching your arm to reach for the water bottle on your bed stand. You have no intention of getting up anytime soon. You feel too sick and too weak to eat any solid food and all you need is water.

Oh, and some Advil.

You're either the friend who doesn't know how to drink or you were the most wasted at the party last night. You have no regrets about it and look forward to sitting in your bed watching Netflix all day and cuddling up with your water bottle.


You have somewhere to be and need to function. It doesn't matter that coffee isn't the best choice right now because you are in a hurry, and it is how you start every morning.

You still have bed head, but you throw on your clothes, a pair of sunglasses and don't plan on talking to anyone even after you drink your coffee. You either always have too much on your plate or are just plain dumb for going out knowing you had a commitment the next day.

Whatever it is, the day needs to be over so you can get back to your beloved bed.

Or maybe you have nothing to do but still need to be with all of your friends and talk about every detail of last night. You wake up and go get coffee, still basically in your pajamas, just to hang out at Starbucks.


You actually hate the way you feel and want it to stop. You're the person who only planned on drinking a little, but things got out of hand. You need some vitamins and potassium to help cure the pain.

You'll opt for a bagel once the headache goes away, and once you find out which one of your friends convinced you to buy that fifth Long Island iced tea you didn't need.


You woke up too late and missed breakfast. You're too much of a mess to leave the house, anyway. The farthest you walk is to your fridge to grab last night's pizza. No microwave or plate needed. You are a bro.

The first bite of your cold, cheesy pizza probably tastes like the regrets of last night. That's actually okay with you because when does pizza not taste good? That means last night couldn't have been that bad... at least from what you remember.

Alcoholic Beverage

You are the ultimate party-goer and you want the party to keep going. The first noise you need to hear when you wake up from a hangover is the loud, crisp sound of a cold beer cracking open.

For you, it only makes sense to cure this hangover with another drink. Maybe you invite people over because there is still an extra keg, and the game is about to go on. Perhaps you go for the mimosas, instead.

You want to be out and continue your fun over a nice brunch with friends. Sunday Funday, anyone?

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr