8 Of The Best Responses I've Received From Employer Rejection Letters


In honor of finally landing a job here at Elite Daily, I decided I was emotionally (and unnecessarily) ready to look back at the rejection emails I have received over the last 10 months.

I thought I would share the highlights with you, if only to encourage those who are on the job hunt to just keep applying (no matter how many “nos” you receive).

There were many, many more, but unfortunately my Gmail trash folder couldn’t hold them all.

Here are some of the best:

1. We've decided not to hire an intern.

So close, but the unpaid interning chapter of my life is over.

2. Free labor?

Again, I’m done working for free.

3. It's not the right fit

So this rejection was pretty understandable. The job was some sort of ad sales thing and I have no experience whatsoever in that field.

This was during one of those times where I was desperately applying for literally anything that paid more than zero dollars an hour. I'm pretty sure this application was sent in around 2 am.

4. We're impressed but...

I was asking for this one. That’s what you get when you think companies are willing to hire a 22-year-old who hasn’t yet graduated with a liberal arts degree, and can’t starting working until May.

5. You're lacking experience

This one was a good one. I had to read to the bottom to hear the bad news.

6. Maybe in the future...

Nah… I get the hint.

7. We still appreciate you!

“We know it takes a lot to submit an application, so we want you to know how much we truly appreciate you doing so!”

I mean it only took a little uploading of my resume, switching out a few words in my cover, and hitting the submit button. But, thanks anyways!

 8. *Crickets*


All the people, companies and recruiters who never replied.

To those who responded, and those who didn’t, I owe you one. It only took one “yes” from the right place to bring me to where I needed to be, and doing what I needed to be doing.

So, trust me, don't get discouraged by all of your rejection emails. You'll without a doubt look back on them and laugh one day.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It