High And Dry: The Drought In California Is Going To Seriously Affect Weed Prices


Normally, we don’t pay attention to the woes of other states. We don’t really care when it’s record-breaking cold in North Dakota, raining unseasonably in Florida or snowing somewhere in Pennsylvania.

However, California’s recent drought isn’t something we can just ignore like the other climate idiosyncrasies. Unfortunately, their weather problems aversely affect how we smoke our weed.

You may not realize it when you’re picking up bud from your dealer or having it delivered to your door by a man you see more than your own friends now, but most of your weed is coming from out West, making their problems our problems.

According to LA Weekly, the drought plaguing the sunny state will most likely not just raise the price of the leaf, but double it.

Most of the plants grown outdoors are in Northern California, which is being hit the hardest by mother nature’s cruel antics.

To add insult to injury, representatives of NORML, a nonprofit dedicated to the legalization of marijuana, have confirmed that most outdoor grown buds are sent out of state while the indoor grade is used at most dispensaries.

If this weren't the final push you needed to move to California, then I don’t know what is. I think it’s time we took a long, hard look at the situation and the high prices we’re already paying for weed, and realize that the cost of living (smoking) may indeed be lower in California.

Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It