How To Control Your Energy And Purposefully Give Off Certain Vibes

by Saskia Starck

When I think of the word radiation, a hazard sign and an energy plant surrounded by warning signals immediately come to mind.

Marvel’s great green Hulk, the archetype of the effects of radiation, emerges from the shadows.

My mind then wanders to last Saturday night. I was sitting with my girlfriends at the bar, and my eyes were drawn to the man across the room. I knew straight away this guy was radiating arrogance.

I was perched on my bar stool, scanning the room with what my friend’s and I call the “sex eyes.”

I was radiating charisma, drawing the attention and magnetizing people toward me.

This is the radiating effect. It's the real power of radiating emotion from within, not the imaginary Hulk.

Radiation is simply energy traveling through material or space.

So, when I talk about harnessing the power of radiation, I am merely describing the ability to control energy.

The type of radiation I am discussing is a dramatic technique founded by Michael Chekhov. Actors have used this method to help find the psychophysical core of a character.

When I first discovered this technique, I was 16 and attending speech and drama lessons.

My class and I learned radiating was the ability to individually project an emotion or thought by harnessing all aspects of your inner-self to influence the audience around you.

A perfect example is the iconic Marilyn Monroe. Her image was based on sex appeal, and she truly did radiate sex.

Think of the song, “Happy Birthday Mr. President.” A globally recognized tune (which had never had any erotic notions) was changed by that one performance into a sensual rendition. She radiated sex, and it worked.

However, as I delved deeper into the concept growing up, I began to realize we radiate every day without even knowing it.

Say, for instance, you have a fight with your family right before you head out to meet friends for a drink.

When you arrive, your friends automatically ask if something is wrong. You were subconsciously radiating anger.

I am sure you can think of many moments when your emotions were raw and streaming from your soul: striking up the courage to tell your partner you are in love, finding the strength to confront a friend about a problem in his or her life or simply breaking down during the season finale of "Grey’s Anatomy."

People share their emotions in different ways, and they are provoked through unique scenarios and obstacles in life.

In 2010, artist Marina Abramovic did a live art performance as part of her MoMA retrospective, "The Artist is Present."

She sat at a desk and shared a minute of silence with each stranger who sat in front of her.

Ulay, her former lover with whom she shared an intense relationship many years ago, decided to attend the event and sit down across from her.

They hadn’t seen each other in 30 years, and Marina just stared at Ulay.

Her response brought tears to my eyes. There was no dialogue — just the simple act of staring into another person’s eyes.

Both Ulay and Marina were simultaneously radiating love, longing and acceptance.

As a viewer, I was immediately brought into their love affair and got a glimpse into their deepest, purest emotions.

This is a truly heartrending effect of subconscious radiating.

The dynamic effects that arise when radiating are obvious. Now, imagine being able to consciously use this technique in everyday life.

All it takes is focus. Focus on one emotive response or one thought and harness your entire self to feel that action.

For some, it comes naturally. With others, it will take practice.

To master radiating, it is best to just sit alone in your room, close your eyes and focus on whatever radiation you want to achieve.

Whether that is anger, love, happiness or confidence, you have an endless list of personality facets to focus on and radiate.

This exercise requires you to use your entire being in order to influence the reactions of the people around you.

It is an exercise for the open-minded. You must be vulnerable with your emotions and experiences in order to radiate it to others.

When you do harness this strength, though, you will notice a difference.

Use it for radiating confidence in a job interview, attraction when heading out to a club or understanding toward your friends.

Each feeling will provide a different response, but it will draw attention and generate charisma.

So, begin to focus on your emotions. Understand where they stem from. Use the technique of radiating to your advantage.

People won’t forget a person who charmed the room and positively affected the people around them.

Radiating will make you stand out from the crowd.