17 Reasons Halloween In NYC Is The Most Overrated Night Of The Year

NYC is notorious for taking regular holidays and turning them into over-hyped and over-priced celebrations. Things that should be fun and enjoyable wind up costing you upwards of $200 — all for an experience you definitely aren't going to remember.

Halloween is supposed to a nice, fun evening celebrated with friends while you pretend you're younger than you are as you dress up in your favorite costumes. But as the years go on, it actually just gets worse and worse.

So, why is a New York City Halloween celebration so overrated?

1. Party tickets cost over $80

Do you know what you could do with $80?! That's a week's worth of groceries wasted on a measly ticket to get into a club you could go to for free on any other given weekend.

2. Have you ever tried going into Ricky's the day before Halloween?

If you can even manage to get into the store, you'll realize they have absolutely nothing left and whatever is left is in utter chaos, haphazardly thrown all over the entire store.

3. You can't get a taxi.

I'm not sure which is more difficult: getting a cab on Halloween or New Year's Eve. It's f*cking impossible! It's you versus every other half naked drunk person in the city.

4. You've already dressed up as everything you've ever wanted to be.

You're in your mid-20s; you've probably been picking your own costume out since you were, I'm not sure, 6? What is there even left to be?!

5. Your costume costs as much as your utility bill.

Because $80 isn't enough to spend on just a ticket, you then have to basically spend the equivalent of that on a costume.

6. There's a 99 percent chance at least 10 other people will be wearing the exact same outfit.

Halloween is where creativity goes to die, especially in NYC where every person is out celebrating.

7. Even if you buy a ticket, you run the risk of not getting in.

So even after spending $80 or more on a ticket, it's still up to the doorman's discretion whether to let you in or not. That sounds... economical.

8. Lines.

Just because you bought a ticket does not mean you get to avoid waiting on a ridiculous line. I mean, when do you ever know when the right time to show up is to avoid this situation?

9. This is how you go pumpkin picking.

Childhood ruined.

10. It adds just one more thing to the process of going out in New York.

As if it weren't difficult enough to figure out an outfit and plan of action, let's throw in a costume and an overpriced celebration.

11. There are triple the amount of drunk people.

There is basically a guarantee that whatever outfit you have on will be ruined by the end of the night.

12. No matter what, you'll freeze in anything you wear.

It doesn't matter how old you are, you're still going to be stuck wearing less clothing than you would if this were just a regular night. Do you really want to be bothered with holding a jacket the entire night? Nope.

13. Costumes are fun for about 20 minutes.

You came, you saw what everyone else was wearing, you conquered... now all you want to do is go home.

14. Everything you think is creative has already been done.

Oh, you thought being Amanda Bynes was clever? So did 20 other people, and three of them were men.

15. You don't even get candy.

All you get is drunk and hungover...

16. Candy-flavored shots are disgusting.

Since you can't actually get any candy at the bar, the next best thing is candy-flavored shots — which are never a good idea.

17. You always end up telling yourself, "Never again."

When will you ever learn?

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It