The F*ck It List: 11 Reasons This Generation Should Just Say F*ck It

F*ck it -- all of it. Why? Well, why the hell not?

I recently came to understand why people so often frustrate me. It’s not that most people are especially dumb, but that they consider dumb things to hold significant importance.

They fill their lives with trivialities and then act as if the survival of the human race depends on whether or not they're having a good hair day.

Stop caring so much about things that don’t deserve attention. Your life is nowhere as difficult as you’re making it out to be; your luck isn’t that bad; your situation isn’t horrible.

Stop allowing poisonous thoughts and people to ruin your life. It’s all eating away at your soul and you don’t even see it. Forget all the haters and mopes.

Do you and live the life you want to live because -- now, this is a secret so keep quiet -- most things in your life don’t f*cking matter. So f*ck it.

1. You’re going to die one day -- and you don’t know when.

It could be when you’re 100. It could be tomorrow, or in a couple of seconds.

We all live our lives as if we are going to live forever, but the fact is that we aren’t. You aren’t going to experience everything that life has to offer. You’re not going to accomplish everything you’re going to want to accomplish because you'll most likely die before you reach that last and final goal.

You need to do what you want to do and do it as soon as possible. You may not get another day.

2. There are few facts in life, mostly just opinions.

They say history is written by those who win the wars -- that couldn’t be any truer. The same goes with the realities each of us lives in -- we create them ourselves. All those things we are taught to be wrong, or grow to believe to be wrong, are usually up for debate.

Very little is wrong objectively or intrinsically. It’s how we interpret things, how we interpret their importance and value, that defines what that object is. We understand the world around us, in relevance to us. Your world isn’t any more right or wrong than the next guy’s.

Live in the reality that suits you best. Why? Why not?

3. Mistakes not only cannot be avoided, they should be cherished.

The smartest, most intelligent and, inevitably, most successful individuals are not those that avoid making mistakes, but those that find the courage to continue making mistake after mistake.

It’s actually a very interesting thing if you think about it: We all make mistakes, no matter what we do or what we avoid doing.

However, only those who aren’t ashamed of those mistakes, who don’t allow those mistakes to get under their skin and define them, who embrace the mistakes as part of the learning process, are the ones who create better lives for themselves.

They'll make twice the mistakes the rest will make, but then they’ll reap benefits 1,000 times over.

4. What can be lost, can be found.

And what can’t be found can, more often than not, be replaced. We lose things and we lose people. We often even manage to lose ourselves.

There is little that can’t be found once it is lost. And even fewer things that can’t simply just be replaced. Only when it comes to human beings -- some taken from us and this life prematurely -- may we find replacement impossible.

But even then, you still have the memory of them and the lasting effect they had on your life. It may seem of little consolation, but sometimes you need to play with the hand life deals you.

5. You almost always have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Most of the risks we avoid on a daily basis are those we would do better not avoiding. Most risks are far outweighed by the potential reward. Nevertheless, we still refuse to make the slightly more daring decision. Why? It's simple: fear -- illogical fear.

You’re more likely than not just afraid of bruising your ego. You’re afraid of failing or deeming yourself “not good enough.” Why not just say, “f*ck it”?

Why not just do what you really want to do and not what you’re trying to convince yourself you’d be more comfortable doing? Such small bets with such high rewards are what we call amazing opportunities.

If you’re not going to take those that are given to you, then don’t complain when you don’t get the opportunities you’re dreaming of.

6. If you don’t have the courage to take the leap, someone else will.

You’re not the only person in the world who can get the job done. There are plenty of others. The difference is that you are being given the opportunity -- not them. At least, not yet.

If you can’t find the courage and resolve to start a new life, to accept that job offer that you’re afraid to take, to love fully the person you know you want to be with, someone else will. A second opportunity is never promised.

If you see what you want, take it right then and there.

7. The only thing in life you can be 100 percent certain of is that you exist -- for all you know, this could all just be a dream.

That guy sitting next to you may not exist. The room you’re sitting in may not exist. Your body may not exit. But you -- your consciousness -- you are 100 percent exists.

What if this is all just a dream? A hologram? What if this physical world doesn’t actually exist?

You may think it impossible, but it isn’t. It isn’t impossible and therefore, by default, is possible. Wouldn’t you feel stupid finding out that you gave up on so much because you were afraid of losing a video game?

8. You get one chance, one shot, to live the life of your dreams.

If you fail, you don’t get another chance. Some of you believe in reincarnation. The rest of you believe in some version of heaven. Regardless of what you do believe, the fact is that you may be wrong.

What if you don’t get to live another life? What if you don’t get to chill on a cloud sipping on piña coladas? What if life is so beautiful and so special because it isn’t infinite?

Whatever your reservations for doing something, remember that there is always a big chance that you won’t get another chance.

9. Most of the important decisions we make in our lives are permanent and cannot be changed.

This may seem a bit depressing, but it should come as a relief. You can’t change what you can’t change. So, why think about it? Why worry and waste mental energy on things you can never have an effect on?

It may not be a happy truth you’re forced to accept, but at the very least, you have some solid ground to stand on -- no matter how grey that ground may seem at the moment. In life, sh*t happens. F*ck it.

10. No matter how bad things get, the universe will eventually tear itself into shreds and, along with it, time and space.

I know, I know... Mr. Sunshine over here.

But it should bring you some solace to know that no matter how badly you screw up, no matter how many mistakes you make, or how much you regret, eventually it will be as if it had never happened in the first place. As if you yourself never even existed. I find this to be an incredibly beautiful idea: We both exist and don’t exist simultaneously as time and space fluctuate between the same.

11. You are capable of anything if you’re capable of harnessing the necessary courage.

Most people don’t do because they can’t do. They don’t do simply because they just don’t. People spend so much time figuring out what to do, how to do it or how to avoid doing it, that they never get around to actually doing it.

Dive in headfirst and teach yourself how to swim because you have no other option. We have too many options these days, too many choices to make -- almost none of which can be labeled as important. Thinking is, of course, crucial, but doing is more important.

A thinker can think for his or her entire life and never get anywhere, whereas a doer will inevitably one day get lucky.

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