Scientifically Special: Freckles Not Only Make You Unique, But Beautiful

by Gigi Engle

Freckles are so hot right now.

I’ve always loved my freckles. They’re one of my defining traits. They give me an extra pinch of character, and they add to my quirky personality.

Having freckles is a trademark for unconventional beauty, and we all know I’m about that life.

My mom always told me my freckles were “angel kisses.” While angels definitely would want to kiss my face, I knew that couldn't possibly be the actual reason for my spotted beauty. Where did I really come from?

Let's get down with science for a second, kids. We all have melanocytes in our skin.

According to How Stuff Works, melanocytes are cells specifically designed to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays from the sun.

They do this by producing the chemical melanin, which acts like sunglasses for the skin, darkening it to protect it from burning.

For people like me, the fair or light-skinned citizens of the world, these melanocytes aren’t evenly distributed throughout our bodies. This means our skin darkening will naturally result in freckling.

Freckle-faced folk also have a special gene that our even-skinned counterparts do not, the MC1R gene, which balances skin pigment.

While freckles are fabulous, they haven’t always been considered the trademark of a gorgeous person.

For centuries, beauty was sought in “flawless” skin, perfectly porcelain complexions glorified by highbrow fashion magazines.

Women tirelessly slaved away, painting their faces with thick foundation and powder in order to achieve even skin tone so that they could fit into the mold of “beauty.”

These unreasonable standards of beauty caused women with unconventional features to hide in the shadows or behind veils of makeup, shaming them into covering their skin.

Freckled girls everywhere were constantly told they weren’t beautiful because of the dots that patterned their faces.

No more! Natural beauty is coming around in the media. As of late, freckles have become the must-have beauty essential. Girls with freckles are finally getting the street cred they deserve.

Having freckles is no longer just something you have to live with; it’s something to be desired. Not just anyone is lucky enough to have freckles. They literally make you more of an individual than other people.

A study conducted in Iceland, consisting of 2,230 participants, found a variant in the gene IRF4 linked to causing brown hair, blue eyes and, most importantly, freckles.

According to Daily Mail, RF4 acts like a “dimmer switch,” and can reduce the levels of melanin that reaches keratinocytes, the surface cells on the skin. The reduced amounts of melanin result in freckling of the skin.

So, if you have this variant in IRF4, you have a completely unique genetic makeup, one that is far more diverse than other people's.

On top of it all, no two freckles are the same. They’re as unique as snowflakes. Your freckles are 100 percent yours. Be proud of your freckles because you have every reason to love them.

Models get hired because of their freckles.

Freckled models are all the rage. Designers and editors alike are surfing that freckle wave and milking it for all it’s worth. Freckle-faced models are at the center of fashion spreads and walking on every runway.

Freckles even have their own section on Model Mayhem so that recruiters looking to hire freckle-faced models can pick right from the supreme crop with ease.

Beauty is finally gearing toward the unique as opposed to the conventional.

Freckles make you more confident.

When you have freckles, you are automatically outside the realm of “normal” beauty.

Since freckles haven’t traditionally been considered pretty, we freckled ladies have had to go against the grain and build our self-esteem without the help of the media.

A person with freckles is automatically fiercely confident. We know who we are, and we’re not going to shy away from being ourselves. We are the bravest of the bunch, never afraid to stand out.

I love myself and every single one of my freckles, too.

Freckled women are the most beautiful women.

Vogue literally did a spread celebrating freckle-faced women, and it was glorious.

Legends such as Twiggy, Mia Farrow and Penélope Cruz are all freckled goddesses.

When fashion publications once glorified porcelain skin, they are now hopping on that freckle train. I think we all know that if Anna Wintour says something is fabulous, it is fabulous.

A woman with freckles never needs makeup.

A woman with freckles already has enough happening with her face without the inclusion of makeup.

Her two-toned complexion allows her to simply throw concealer on the passing pimple, dab on some lip gloss and go about her day.

She has a natural beauty that never needs foundation or covering. A freckle-faced woman wears her skin proudly.

Freckles are in style, and everyone wants a piece.

Freckles are having a huge moment. Everyone wants to get his or her freckle on. People, who don’t have freckles, want freckles.

Topshop is even selling a freckle pencil so that freckle-less people can literally put freckles on their faces.

When it was once considered fashionable to cover freckles up, it is now considered fashionable to paint them on.

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