5 People You Will Encounter In Your Lifetime That Will Have The Most Impact On You

by Camille Cava

Every day our lives intersect with people we may never see again. We will never truly know how these moments will affect us or to what extent they change the direction of the paths in our lives and the decisions we make.

This is an extremely brief plot line of Mitch Albom's novel, "The Five People You Meet In Heaven." In the novel, the main character, Eddie, learns the difference that five people made in his life after he passes away and awakes in heaven.

As much as this book actually made my homework more enjoyable in elementary school, I always wondered about the people we meet in our lives here on earth.

Although the people who make the greatest impact are ones we are more aware of, we do not think about them often or at least give them the credit for the significance they have in our lives. Some we may have not met yet; perhaps they are only an idea.

Whatever the case may be, take some time to think of a couple of special people who fit these definitions and be happy for those whom you will meet in the future as well as thankful for those you already have met.

Soul mate

According to ancient Greek philosophy, specifically Plato, we were all once four-legged creatures with two bodies and one soul that were eventually split in half. It is said that there is someone else out there who essentially completes us.

According to my modern-day logic, you really do not need anyone to complete you, but there is someone out there who will enhance you.

This will be someone whose presence you enjoy no matter the time or day, or how you look. It will be someone who just gets you, and if he or she is gone for too long, you start to miss. You can sit in silence with this person without it being awkward.

This relationship is harder to explain than others because it doesn't need an explanation. It is not necessarily whom you are going to marry or fall in love with, although it can be.

Sorry to disappoint the fairytale lovers, but you may also never meet this person or completely overlook him or her and not realize you have.


This is dedicated to the teacher figure in your life who has taught you something you will never forget, whether it was one specific lesson or many little ones.

The topics may vary from education to career to love life to plain ol' common sense, but he or she was there to guide you through some aspect of your life.

Maybe it was the author of your favorite book or maybe it was some guy you sat next to during a bus ride. Although it can very well be a family member or an actual teacher, think outside of the box for someone who has taught you an unlikely, yet valuable lesson(s).


Here is a very simple definition that probably does not come to mind when you hear this word: A lover is someone who taught you what love is and how to love. This person taught you how to love yourself, love intimately and love life without hesitation.

This is the most important person of all because you will always need to know how to love, especially through the many tough situations of life.


This person can provide negativity or positivity in your life, depending on how you look at it, but I prefer to notice the more optimistic side of this person. Side note: It's wonderful for those who only "compete with themselves," but there are billions of people in the world.

At one time or another, I'm sure there is somebody who had the same goal or desire as you. This person has the same mindset as you and you have either supported each other (friendly competition), or pushed each other while trying to beat one another.

The most successful "competitors" are ones who collaborate together.

In the end, this person provided some sort of motivation that made you exceed your own expectations, so you might as well thank him or her.


Yes, you have met yourself in your lifetime and time again as the years have passed; you have changed. You have lost yourself, found yourself and probably lost yourself again only to discover someone else.

It's also common if you have yet to meet yourself. Maybe go on a solo date to be left alone with your thoughts.

Look into a mirror and analyze the person you see, and I do not mean by your hair or clothes. Stare at a blank piece of paper and fill it with who you are. You are the one person you are constantly with and the most important relationship you will have, so try spending some time reflecting and meeting yourself every once in a while.

You do not have to wait until heaven to realize the unexpected ways some people have touched your life. All you have to do is take a look around and take a look at yourself. Be aware and be thankful.

Photo Courtesy: USA/Suits