9 Ways To Crush Your First Real Job Interview After Graduating From College


Graduation is almost here, and while you prepare for your finals, thoughts about your future may be looming.

From the moment you throw that cap up in the air, you are no longer a student, and the distant thought of job interviews becomes WAY too real.

If you want to rock them and get the job you deserve, here are some surprisingly simple ways to be a total boss during your interviews:

1. Know how to answer their questions the right way.

The interviewer is going to ask you questions. Everyone knows this.

And while majority of interviewees think they are prepared to answer them, they might actually be misguided.

There are the standard questions of “Tell me about yourself” and “Why should we hire you?”

But,  the standard answers are not necessarily going to get you the job. It's important to consider why they are actually asking these questions and to give answers that prove you are the perfect fit for the company or the job.

Get prepared by studying up on the questions typically asked, and check out examples of answers to interview questions to figure out exactly what to say.

2. Dress to impress, but think outside the box.

It goes without saying that you shouldn't dress like a slob.

Also, take into consideration what is appropriate for the job you are interviewing for.

While an expensive suit might be a good choice for Wall Street, it may seem a bit odd when going for a job at a newspaper.

Look your best, but dress appropriately and think a little outside the box.

Adding an interesting accessory, like those interesting earrings made by a local artist, might help you show off your personality a bit.

3. Pay attention to ALL the details.

Many employers will say right on their job descriptions that they are seeking someone who pays attention to detail.

This is something most employers love, and you have a chance in your interview to show off your attention to detail.

So, give yourself a once over and make sure everything from your fingernails to your facial hair and hand bag are considered.

4. Be confident, not cocky.

A company does not want to hire someone who doesn't seem confident in themselves and their abilities.

You NEED to be confident during your interview, and if you're not inherently confident, this is the perfect time to fake it until you make it.

Talk up your abilities and what you can do for the company, but DON'T come off as cocky.

There is a fine line, but it's there. So, make sure to keep a humble air about yourself at the same time. Balance is key.

5. Be friendly, not fake.

Being friendly is kind of obvious, right? I mean, you wouldn't want to go into a job interview being rude or awkward to your interviewer.

However, some people go WAY overboard when trying to friendly, so much so that they come off as fake.

Use your manners, smile and compliment when appropriate. Find the balance between being professional and also talking to the interviewer like they are a person.

Being overly friendly, laughing too much, complimenting them on everything or agreeing ferociously may make you look insincere or fake.

6. Bring some backup.

Being prepared is always a good thing, so make sure you come with a little backup. While you can assume that the interviewer already has your resume, you should always bring a copy with you.

Actually, bringing along your reference list, work samples, transcripts or any other helpful information is a good idea.

While I don't suggest that you offer it up without being prompted, it's good to have in case something comes up where it might help you prove a point.

7. Focus on what makes you different.

There is only one you, and you want to make yourself memorable.

Stand out by adding in something obscure, different or interesting that you have done or accomplished that is also relevant to the job.

If the position you're interviewing for requires you to be independent, you could bring up that time you traveled to Japan all by yourself for a week.

It's relevant to the topic, shows your character and makes you stand out from other applicants.

8. Focus on how you can bring value.

Always, always, always focus on how you can bring value to the employer or the team.

Don't just tell them what you can do, but demonstrate how you have used your skills to help other employers or people in your network or social groups.

If you have a personal Instagram account that you grew to having 5,000 followers, certain jobs like digital marketing companies will want to know those numbers.

Give them something tangible you have done that shows that you can do the same for them.

9. Do your research, and have outstanding questions.

Don't even enter that room without having done prior research on the company and the job description.

Get to know everything about it, including the history, competitors, clients, future goals and current problems.

Find out as much as you can, and then develop some questions around these topics.

Interviewers will always ask if you have questions and will be judging you on what you ask.

Come up with some truly intriguing questions that show that you have done more research than other applicants.