33 Incredibly Important Fights Every Real 90s Girl Remembers Having

by Gigi Engle

The 90s were a wonderful time.

They were just chock-full of Beanie Babies and baseball cards, sh*t talking on AIM and questionable Lunchables.

They were a simpler time, a more innocent time.

It was a time before Wholefoods, gluten-free or Paleo diets existed and consumed our lives. It isn't like today, when the Internet pollutes the minds of the young with porn and Ariana Grande.

A time when dial-up connections delivered nothing but janky emails and Neopets.

In the 90s, the biggest moral dilemma you ever had was Britney Spears’ virginity.

Ugh, I miss those days.

Any 90s kid can agree the 90s were all about one thing: getting that street cred. Being a 90s kid was a constant competition in “cool.” You had to have the right gear, keep up with the right shows and, of course, have an opinion on literally everything.

Strap on your glittery, pink Adidas helmets, girls, it’s time to take a nostalgic-ass trip down memory lane.

These are 33 fights every 90s girl definitely remembers having:

1. When you had to decide who got the Bop It

You didn’t twist that sh*t on time!

2. When your friend wouldn't trade her Pokémon card

Those packs were shrouded in mystery. It wasn’t like today, when the Internet can spoil the most sacred of surprises.

2. When your friend bent the "ty" tag on your favorite Beanie Baby

Are those worth anything now? My mom still has all 287,746,251,439 of mine in the attic.

4. When you caught your brother eating your Lip Smacker

Wild Raspberry, Cinnamon Sugar and Sour Apple hanging on your plastic Curly-Q bracelet on FLEEK.

5. When you and your BFF had the same color Jellys on

If you didn’t have them in purple AND blue… who even were you?

6. When mom asked if you wanted Smucker's Uncrustables in strawberry or grape

You know you won out if mom let you have a Lunchables — the one with the pizza that tasted like lies and the generic four-ounce can of “Cola.”

7. When someone beat your high score on Yoshi Story or Mario Kart

To this day, my siblings and I fight over who was the best at Yoshi Story. Remember that old school Nintendo 64? That thing was the stuff of legends.

8. When mom just didn't get "style"

Why didn’t mom accept my brother’s JNCO jeans or my high-waisted purple shorts?

9. When you had literal fights over AIM

Some of the greatest sh*t talking that ever occurred happened over AOL Instant Messenger.

10. When you had to decide on which Saturday Morning Cartoons to watch

If "Recess" wasn’t going on, immediately there would be a mutiny.

11. When it was time to choose which Spice Girl you were

I was always Geri. It was not up for discussion. Ugh, and all that hate-love for Baby though, amiright?!

12. When you actually tried to use your Pokémon cards

I just couldn’t understand why my shiny card with a pony wasn’t worth anything. My brother always took advantage of me because I thought the cuter the animal, the better the card. Brothers are the worst.

13. When someone ate the Play-Doh

Who ate that Play-Doh? Me? Nah, son.

14. When your friend said JTT was hotter than FPJ

Honorable mention: Jared Leto, who was so sexy in "My So-Called Life." OMG. There was David Charvet from "Baywatch." But, don't even get me started on the godliness that was Freddie Prinze Jr. Be still my girlish loins!

15. When the dELiA*s catalog came and you had to decide who would look at it first

You’d think that thing was full of the secrets of life the way we fought over it.

16. When you told everyone Rose could have made some f*cking room on that door

Listen Rose, we need to talk. There was plenty of room on that door for Jack, you selfish c*nt. And all this “I’ll never let go, Jack!” bullsh*t? You literally let him go, Rose. You had one job!

17. When everyone wanted to get the "Rachel" haircut

Pulling off the "Rachel" was no easy feat. It was really only Jennifer Aniston who could manage to make it look good, to the disappointment of 90s girls everywhere.

18. When your friend insisted her Snapple cap was true

I refuse to believe spider webs could ever be as strong as steel.

19. When you had to share the Discman

You needed to rock out to the first Now! CD, goddamn it!

20. When you and your sister wore the same "Bath & Bodyworks" scent

Juniper Breeze was so dope.

21. When your mom picked up the phone while you were on it

I got disconnected so many times, mom!

22. When you had to decide which Mary-Kate and Ashley movie was the best

"Passport to Paris," "Billboard Dad," "It Takes Two." Ugh. SO MANY EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW.

23. When your mood ring was wrong and everyone refused to believe you

If it’s always black, it is broken!!!

24. When someone had more butterfly clips than you did

Double props if your clips were covered in glitter.

25. When your brother killed your Tamagotchi

Oh hey, Rose! Good to see you again, girl. Please go back to #16.

Anyway, your Tamagotchi was the closest thing you had to a child!

26. When you got into the eternal debate: Backstreet Boys vs. *NSYNC

Or was it 98 Degrees? No one respected you if you were 98 Degrees, sorry.

27. When your sister wouldn’t share the Easy-Bake Oven

You were just trying to cook your goddamn brownies. Okay, bitch?

28. When your dog ate all your Polly Pocket gear

At first it was just the doll, and then she got all that swagged out bling.

29. When you knew your Giga Pet was the best

They were way cooler than Tamagotchis. And Furby was just creepy AF.

30. When you all bought the same Limited Too spaghetti strap top

You couldn’t all own that same purple, sparkly tank top.

31. When you had to decide whose fault it was Ross and Rachel weren’t together

I feel like Joey had something to do with it. They were meant to be, and no one seemed to understand that!

32. When you knew you were the Topanga and your bestie was Angela (and she didn't)

"Boy Meets World" marathons were absolutely everything. But were you the leading lady or the best friend?

33. When you tried to convince everyone Britney Spears was really a virgin


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