An Ode To Our Childhoods: 12 Things We'll Miss About Lip Smackers

By Gigi Engle

As if the decline of Juicy Couture and sugary cereals didn't signify it enough, our childhood is officially dead.

Bonne Bell, manufacturer of Lip Smackers (you know, the chunky, melted lip balms that defined middle school), is officially closing its doors.

Goodbye glorious, semi-vile flavors. Goodbye, lips that smelled better than they tasted.

The 2000s encompassed so many trends -- Limited Too, overalls, Tiffany heart necklaces -- but, above all, we had our conjoined fetish for Lip Smackers.

If you were a girl of the 2000 era, you were nothing without your Lip Smacker collection.

We were all obsessed. Lip Smackers are the truest monument to our preteen years, a vestibule of our middle school lives.

Here's what we'll miss about those Wild Raspberry and Watermelon flavors. As gross as they seem now, we really loved them back then.

Digesting more than what's absorbed on our lips.

It was basically the main food group for preteens.

Trading with all our friends.

I’ll give you my Wild Raspberry for your Strawberry. You have Coconut Cake? I’ll give you my Sour Apple and Cinnamon Sugar!

Deciding which flavor represents us best.

Your flavor said so much about you.

I was definitely a Mango kind of a girl, but I still liked the girls who identified as Vanilla and Frozen Lemonade.

"Splurging" on a mall outing.

Aka buying like, 13. You could never have enough pastel clothing or Smackers. Running around Claire’s, picking up choker necklaces, beaded headbands and Lip Smackers -- these were simpler, happier times.

Hanging them on our jelly bracelets.

They made such great accessories. The more you could squeeze onto your plastic arm jewelry, the better.

Getting the new flavor first.

I remember giving girls side-eye if they didn't have Tropical Punch.

Oh, you don’t have Lemon Square? That’s been out for like, four days.

Matching our outfits to our Smackers.

Bright blue Lip Smacker? Bright Blue metallic shorts. Oh, the 2000s.

Always having a sickly-sweet flavor on our tongues.

Mmmm, waxy Cotton Candy.

Having more cylinder tubes than schoolbooks.

Who cares if you forgot your history textbook? All that mattered was you didn’t forget your Chocolate Lip Smacker.

A girl has priorities.

The nausea from eating so much of the greasy, slickness. *Shudders*

We spent class time licking it like it was candy. We all felt pretty damn sick by lunch, but did we stop reapplying? Hell no.

Their unique flavor names.

Berry Peach, Salted Pretzel, Berry Slush — I could go on and on.

Never feeling like our lips were moisturized.

I’m not even sure what was in a Lip Smacker, but it definitely wasn't a formula for moisture. It was about the novelty, not the practicality.

RIP, Lip Smackers!