Generation-Y, Let The World Hear Your Story

by David Sedillo

Earlier this summer, back in May, inspiration hit. Time Magazine's Joel Stein wrote a feature article titled, ‘Millennials: The Me, Me, Me Generation.’ It sparked my curiosity immediately. I found myself analyzing word after word, applying it to my own experiences and living among the demographic Stein attempted to analyze. Some things I agreed with, others left me wanting more.

From there, I decided to develop my own writing project - to explain Generation-Y from the perspective of someone who is actually a Millennial. As someone who is constantly inspired by the ideas and stories of those in my age group, it seemed like a natural fit. I started seeking out the hundreds of news stories about our Generation-Y and even subtly listening in on the conversations of those around me.

Soon, I realized I wanted the direct words of our generation to be featured at the end of my written work. I set up a Google Doc form asking those born from 1985-1999 a very simple question: what is your story? After spreading the word around the web and through friends, responses began pouring in. They have been incredible to read, and I can't wait to share them!

My own story is very “Millennial.” I was born in 1991 and had the chance to grow up in the states of New Mexico, Colorado and Tennessee. I grew up watching the best Nickelodeon cartoons, playing Nintendo 64, popping in AOL discs, and I had the chance to watch our society recover from the tragedy 9/11/01. I, unlike my parents, read my news from popular Gen-Y web content platforms like Elite Daily, or on social media outlets like Twitter. I met my current girlfriend of one year and three months on Facebook through a mutual friend.

Yet, my story is just one among 80 million, and that is why I am inspired to elicit as many stories and experiences from our generation as possible. When you consider the amount of change the world has experienced over the past 25 years, the potential for Millennials to have a significant impact on this world and our society is massive. I am convinced we will leave that hugely impactful mark, one way or another.

So, if you were born between 1985-1999, please visit my Google Doc and tell me anything you want about your life on this planet, thus far. What do you think of this generation? Do we need to improve upon areas of weakness? Are we leading our society in the direction of prosperity and happiness? Are you hopeful? What do you yearn for?

I will not edit any contributing words in anyway, and you can choose to post anonymously if you desire. If so, your name will not be revealed in any way.

Additionally, leave a comment below that you did, in fact, submit a personal story!

Let's show the world who we are, Gen-Y, because we sure as hell deserve a lot more credit than we’re given.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr