4 Reasons Being Proud Of Entitlement Is The Most Millennial Thing Ever

by Anonymous
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Older generations love to call out Millennials for our sense of entitlement. We’re often looked at as a group that expects instant gratification and immediate rewards. This labeling comes with some seriously negative connotations.

However, I tend to think feeling entitled isn’t all that bad.

I mean, why is feeling worthy of success and all life has to offer such a horrible thing? In many situations, I think entitlement is not only permissible, but necessary.

Here are four reasons why entitled people are actually really awesome:

1. We go after what we want.

Our sense of entitlement causes us to not wait for others’ permission. We don’t need approval from our peers before we start trying to accomplish our goals.

We know what we want, and we are relentless in trying to achieve it. Negative comments from naysayers don’t discourage us because we have such clear visions.

When we keep our goals in mind and think highly of ourselves, nothing can stand in our way.

If people don’t believe in us, we honestly don’t care that much because we’re aware of what we deserve. We will stop at nothing to attain it.

This is an undeniably positive attribute, in my opinion. It’s practically impossible to get anything you want in life if, at your core, you don’t feel deserving.

Older generations always encouraged us to believe in ourselves as children, but when we start acting on those beliefs, many call us entitled and overly ambitious. That hypocrisy is totally not something I support.

2. We’re not too hard on ourselves.

Entitled people tend to not beat themselves up too much when things don’t go their way. We know we will ultimately accomplish our goals, so we view any bumps in the road as just that.

Failing at one task in life doesn’t mean we won’t eventually be successful. Of course we will. Therefore, difficulties that might arise on our roads to prosperity won’t really phase us.

Instead of giving up after a few difficult trials, we’re able to keep the big picture in mind. If we don’t achieve one thing, we’re not disheartened because we know we’ll someday achieve something else, potentially on an even grander scale.

If we felt we didn’t deserve success, or if it was reserved for someone smarter or otherwise better than us, we would give up much more easily.

3. We take credit for our accomplishments.

We’re not too fond of downplaying our achievements. If someone tries to take full credit for something we worked hard on, then we have no problem correcting the person.

We’re not trying to manipulate people into thinking more highly of us; we’re just taking credit for our own work. If we felt we didn’t deserve any praise for our successes, then this wouldn’t be the case.

Imagine a world where no one felt deserving. There would be no CEOs or company presidents. Yes, a generation full of know-it-alls might be overwhelming to older professionals. But at least we’re taking full ownership of everything we do.

If a project we completed is exceptional, we won’t brush off compliments about it. We know it's exceptional, and we are proud of our work.

4. We help others feel good about themselves, too.

When people are super confident in themselves, their positivity is often projected onto others around them.

Some perfect examples are rockstars and athletes. When people watch these accomplished and assertive individuals do what they do best, they become inspired.

Watching people unapologetically live the lives they feel they deserve makes us want to do the same. If these people go out and grab what they deserve, then what’s stopping any one of us?

The most successful people in the world were likely seen as cocky or entitled at one point, but now society puts them on a pedestal.

These people knew all along they would be successful and prosperous, and that sense of self-assurance is the reason they actually follow through with their goals.