6 Miserable Things About Undergrad You Can't Wait To Forget

by Hannah Guthman

You can barely keep your eyes open, but your head is held high as you march toward a TA's office to turn in your final, final paper.

The all-nighter maintained by frequent munching and copious amounts of coffee were well worth it.

Fifteen pages of writing are completed, and the fact you have no idea what you actually wrote doesn’t matter.

You are ecstatic to be finished with this last assignment, and you can’t believe the end of your time as an undergrad is quickly approaching.

As you start thinking about your graduation ceremony that will take place in a few short days, you can’t help but reflect on your academic journey over the past four years.

And, although you will likely graduate with lifelong friends and fond memories, chances are, there are at least few you’d like to forget.

These are just some of the experiences you wish you didn't have as an undergrad:

1. The Moment You Began To Hate Your Freshman RA

Remember that over-animated guy who welcomed you to your new digs on the day you moved in?

He held a meeting with you and your fellow suitemates to get acquainted, give you free backpacks and pens, educate you about upcoming events he had planned and tell you how excited he is to meet all of you.

He seemed like a pretty neat guy until he busted you for noise complaints, found alcohol in your common room (which of course, wasn’t yours) and reported your entire suite to the resident dean (totally not a nice thing do).

What ever happened to warnings and the three strikes rule? Nope, you're definitely not talking to this guy ever again.

2. The First Time You Got Sick From Drinking Too Much

And you then spent all night in the bathroom. It was bound to happen, right? There's a first time for everything, perhaps.

It was regrettable and gross, but absolutely necessary. You will never do this again.

You and that last stall in the corner are bonded for life. There's nothing like the warm embrace of a toilet until the wee hours of the morning to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Well, except for maybe the excess amounts of booze that still haven’t quite settled.

3. That Awful Professor Who Wouldn’t Round Up Your Grade

Yes, even as a right-brained person, you were still required to take chemistry. Damn those GEs.

Science was never really a strength of yours, but you tried to make the most out of a seemingly incomprehensible course.

You attended almost all of the lectures, went to office hours, completed all of the assignments and studied hard for exams.

But, despite busting your butt all quarter, the best you could pull off was a 79.7.

You plead with the professor to round your final grade to a B-, explaining to him how hard you had worked and how much you struggled during the quarter.

Before you can finish your sob story, he abruptly interjects. He tells you that such is life, and no exception will be made.

Come on, .3 percent? Really? No exception? The C+ on your transcript will forever plague you.

He excuses you out of his office with a wave of his hand, and you exchange polite gestures by giving him the finger over your shoulder.

4. The Second Time You Got Sick From Drinking Too Much

You curse yourself and that plastic handle of vodka over and over again. How did you let this happen?

Unfortunately, you didn’t learn your lesson the first time, even though you thought you had.

5. The Time You Dropped Laundry On The Ground While Carrying It Back to Your Room

Panties anyone? At least everyone in your building now knows who to look for if they run out of Hello Kitty pajamas.

6. The Roommate You Got Trapped With For A Year

We’ve all had them: noisy, messy and obnoxious. It's the roommate who makes frequent trips to the fridge and keeps you up late at night with the sounds of uncontrollable snacking, accompanied by snoring, shrieking, giggling and texting.

It's the roommate who consistently opens your door to look for things that are apparently lost, simultaneously shining light from the common room in your face as you try to sleep.

It's the roommate who does not vacuum, empty trash, leaves fruit and lotion on the floor and hasn’t done laundry in weeks.

Needless to say, your room has not been a room in months. It’s actually a pigsty.

All of your efforts to establish ground rules have been for naught, and you have been dreaming about inhabiting a personal space that is neat and quiet. (If there happens to be an occasional pile of clothes on the floor, at least you will know it's your own mess and not a collection of random boxers and who knows what else.)

After a year’s worth of filth and agony, the day for moving out is upon you. Your belongings are packed in boxes, and you leave your room for the last time.

You have no desire to look back or to speak with the thing that is still sleeping on the other bed.

It looks like a person, but at this point, it’s rather hard to tell.