Fact Or Fiction? 9 Realities Of New Year's Eve — Versus Expectations


Celebrating New Year’s Eve divides people.

There are some who love the idea of reminiscing the past year and starting a fresh new year with excessive alcohol and novelty year glasses.

Others find it to be one of the most overrated holidays and will do anything to avoid celebrations (such as sleeping before midnight).

Mostly, it causes anxiety among people deciding what their plans are to celebrate the crossroads of the old and new year.

Whatever camp you are in (or, if you’re on the fence), you can’t deny that New Year’s Eve plays an important role in how we view our lives. It brings out a sense of nostalgia of the year passed, of both our successes and our failures.

It also brings hope for the future year ahead, starting new and making positive changes.

New Year’s Eve doesn’t only bring a new year, but it also sets an expectation for the year ahead. People believe that if they have a bad New Year’s Eve, it will ruin the next 365 days.

Though you might expect a lot out of New Year’s, in reality, it will be like every other night.

Here are the disparities between expectations and realities of New Year’s Eve:

Expectation: You have too many New Year’s Eve party invites.

Your inbox is full of Facebook notifications and invites to all the New Year's house and nightclub parties. You have friends going to all these events, so you won't be alone. You’re too popular.

Reality: You’re struggling to find one New Year’s Eve party.

Though there are plenty of New Year’s party options, you’re too conflicted about choosing the “right” party. As you’re too indecisive, you decide to stay home, get take out and watch the fireworks on TV.

Expectation: You’re at the best New Year’s Eve party.

Thanks to your friend’s boyfriend’s cousin, who works in PR, you’ve been invited to an exclusive New Year’s Eve party, where you’ll brush shoulders with the rich and famous. Wait, is that Kendall Jenner?

Reality: You’re at an overpriced and overcrowded venue.

Thanks to your friend’s boyfriend’s cousin, who works in PR, you’ve been invited to an exclusive New Year’s Eve party, where you’ll brush shoulders with everyone because the venue is bursting at capacity. You've paid three figures to feel sweaty and have four drinks in total.

Expectation: You will celebrate New Year’s Eve with all your loved ones.

You’ve managed to get all your family, school friends, college friends and overseas exchange friends at one venue to celebrate New Year’s together. How amazing and selfless of them!

Reality: Everyone is busy or away.

Your friends are either all going to different parties or have decided to be in another city/country for New Year’s. How inconvenient and selfish of them! Now, you’re spending New Year’s Eve with a friend and her boyfriend. You've become the awkward third wheel.

Expectation: There will be endless amounts of alcohol.

You’re poppin’ bottles like it’s 2010. Alcohol is pouring into your mouth like you’re a Greek deity. Thank God you paid for that all-inclusive drinks package. Who cares if you have to live off noodles for the next two weeks?

Reality: You won’t drink your money’s worth.

You’re spending more time waiting in line for a drink than actually drinking. Most of your night is spent trying to get to the bar and then, going back to the end of the line to wait again. It definitely was not worth sacrificing good groceries for the next two weeks.

Expectation: The midnight countdown will be perfect.

Your nearest and dearest will all be in the same spot, counting down simultaneously. At the strike of midnight, hugging, kissing and cheering commences.

Reality: The countdown will be not-so-perfect.

You and your group of friends are scattered throughout the party. You’re spending the last hour rounding everyone up for the countdown, with some of your friends missing. They’re probably stuck in line, waiting for a drink or passed out in the restroom.

Expectation: You’ll get a romantic midnight kiss.

Your significant other or future significant other leaps into your arms and plants the most romantic kiss. Doves are released in the background.

Reality: You’ll get a sloppy kiss from a random stranger.

If you’re single, you’ll either kiss the closest drunk person or awkwardly stare at your cup while the couples around you make out. It’s like freshman year, all over again.

Expectation: You'll be staying out until the sun rises.

You’re on such a buzz that you continue partying until the early hours of the morning. Before you head home, you and all your friends watch the first sunrise of the New Year.

Reality: You'll be going home after midnight.

As soon as 12:01 hits, you’re booking your Uber back home. It's way past your bedtime and pajamas are much more comfortable.

Expectation: It'll be the best night of the year.

This will be a night you’ll remember for the rest of the year. Wait, no, it was so good that you'll remember it for the rest of your life.

Reality: It'll be just another night out.

It was pretty average. You’ve had better nights out before. Your expectation just didn’t meet the reality of it. It was kind of fun, I suppose?

Expectation: You’ll start your New Year’s resolutions on New Year’s Day.

You'll wake up and begin achieving all your New Year's resolutions. This year will be different. You’ll go to the gym more; you’ll stop drinking so much; you’ll cut out the toxic people in your life. A new year, a new you.

Reality: You’re too hungover to get out of bed.

Just the thought of exercising makes you want to vomit. McDonald's breakfast, anyone?