15 Reasons Why An Ex-Best Friend Is Much Worse Than An Ex-Boyfriend

by Ashley Fern

Breaking up is never easy — whether it's with friends or a significant other. But the situation surrounding the two could not be more different.

Breaking up with your SO mainly involves you and the other person, whereas breaking up with a friend involves you, her and everyone in between.

This type of circumstance brings with it a ton of added stress to your life — just what you needed, right?

You may not have realized it, but an ex-best friend is way worse than an ex-boyfriend any day of the week. These are all of the reasons why:

1. You share a good chunk of mutual friends with an ex-friend.

Draaaa-maaaa. Not only are situations awkward for you, they're awkward for everyone else now, too. Of course, your friends are aware of what's going on (to some extent), so making plans is sure to get difficult.

2. No one wants to take sides.

The only thing worse than being one of the two people in this feud is being one of the friends caught in between. It's only natural to want to bring people over to your side, but all this will do is cause more fights.

The best thing to do is to keep the fight between the two of you and not expand it to your entire social circle.

3. You can't really vent to your friends about it.

Why? Because they're her friends, too. There's a solid chance anything you say can and will get back to the your ex-friend, which just makes you look terrible, regardless of what you're saying.

Things get twisted when stories are retold, so your safest bet is to just keep your comments to yourself.

4. She knows all of your deepest, darkest secrets.

You tell your best friend a hell of a lot more than you would even think to tell a boyfriend.

And it's a pretty uneasy feeling to have someone out there who knows absolutely everything about you, who currently isn't speaking to you.

5. You'll miss an ex-best friend way more than a boyfriend.

Typically, you spend more time with your best friend than your boyfriend, so when she disappears from your life, you feel as if there is an empty hole that will never be refilled.

When a boyfriend disappears from your life, well, there's plenty more where that came from.

6. You can't fully explain to people what happened... and why would you want to?

Either you f*cked up or your friend did, and why would you want to make someone who was so important to you look like sh*t? I mean, unless he was an ex-boyfriend who f*cked you over. See the difference?

7. You can block everything your ex-boyfriend does and not care.

When you have a falling out with a friend, you still want to keep track of what she's up to because you probably care even more now than you did before.

When it comes to ex-boyfriends, the out-of-sight-out-of-mind approach is usually what works best.

8. She can exploit your insecurities.

Best friends know exactly what buttons to push since they know your deepest insecurities. Typically, you try and hide these from an ex-boyfriend.

When you're fighting with a friend, things can get blown out of proportion fairly quickly, which is why this is a dangerous route to travel.

9. You actually have to explain this to your family.

You can get away with a romantic breakup with a few brief sentences, but when it comes to your best friend, your family isn't letting you off the hook as easily.

They want to know every last detail since they've probably spent more time with her than your significant other.

10. She still has your clothes.

The only time you will ever see those clothes again are in Facebook pictures.

11. There's no momentary bliss of getting back together over one night of sex.

The closest thing you're going to get to that with an ex-friend is saving her with a tampon or eyeliner in the bathroom.

12. You're both probably crying.

When it comes to significant others, you're typically the only one crying. Well, unless... that sounds like an entirely separate article.

13. You look like an assh*le whenever you try to talk about it.

It's only natural to try and downplay your part in a falling out with a friend, which only makes it looks if you aren't taking responsibility for what's happened.

When it comes to ex-boyfriends, it doesn't even matter who was right because your friends will support you in whatever way you need, even if you're wrong (especially if you're wrong).

14. There's a greater likelihood that you'll run into her.

You won't be running into an ex-boyfriend at a nail salon or gym, but there's a solid chance you will run into an ex-friend there.

And since you're in the same friend group, birthday dinners and other celebrations are about to get a whole lot more interesting.

15. It will always be awkward when you run into each other.

Ex-boyfriends happen, and the situations in which you run into them can be minimal so, as more time passes between occurrences, the less awkward they'll be.

Unfortunately, since you will be running into your ex-best friend much, much more, the awkwardness really never has time to subside. Sorry.