Everything You Need To Know About Marijuana This 420 (Video)

Jesus has risen, but how high did he get?

While Easter and 4/20 falling on the same day is most definitely a weird coincidence, it will also highlight a pretty important public opinion on what's more important: weed or candy eggs? Stoners everywhere will agree that weed is most definitely more of a reason to give thanks, but the idea of having candy eggs and peeps for the munchies is just the cherry on top of the forecasted hazy Sunday.

So as we gear up to pack up, roll up and light up, it's important to remember the history and sacrifices weed has endured to get to your bowl today. From it's humble beginnings and long road to legalization, it's taken trips to prison and helped countless cancer patients and soldiers recovering from PTSD. It's saved lives and brought fortune to those who trusted in its capabilities. It's been there when we didn't believe in it and helped those who previously scorned it.

So before you take your first hit, make sure to bow your head and give thanks to the plant that's changing the world. In case you still don't know your history, here's everything you need to learn about marijuana.

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