Elite Review: Sleep No More


I can’t tell you the details of your stay at the Mckittrick Hotel because I would hate to deprive you of the full, firsthand experience. What I can tell you is this: the experience will be a confrontation with raw emotion unlike any you’ve encountered.

This is a one of a kind, masqueraded venture into seemingly limitless corridors, spread across five floors and experienced in the throes of timelessness. A foreseeable plot to string together? Maybe, maybe not. Either way it gives you a chance to insert yourself directly into the middle of a continuously unfolding film noir, live and uncensored. Sex, drugs, murder and violence, what more could you ask for? A drama that unfolds in volumes but lacks words entirely.

Depending upon where intrigue leads you, the tale you come across reveals only the scenes you find yourself in the midst of. A maze of saloons, cemeteries, bed quarters, and ballrooms. Bathtubs overflowing with blood and tantrums escalating at eye level.

The mask you wear throughout the night will shield your gaping mouth and the inevitable moments of breathlessness. A voyeur in the night, you will run up staircases and through faded curtains. Heartbeat escalating, you will pick up your pace upon finding yourself alone with the spooks or perhaps in a phone booth with a leading lady.

Here you are alone, wandering through sharp, searing images sans screen or screening. Performer and audience enthralled under the same light, instrument, scent and sense. Lovers in the throes of…

I will say no more. Sleep No More is not to be described, but to be blindly approached with eyes wide and, champagne induced, hot-blood.

Alyssa Aparicio | Elite.