If You're A '90s Kid, You've Def Dressed Up As One Of These Costumes Before

by Lindsay Tarr
MarVista Entertainment

Halloween is hands down one of the most epic holidays of the year, especially when you're a kid.

You get to play dress up, stay out past your bedtime and walk from house to house getting practically unlimited free candy. What's NOT to love about that? Don't we all wish we were still kids?

Being a kid in the '90s was the best time for Halloween. We had the best trends, the best TV shows and the best movies — all things that make for the best Halloween costumes.

If you were a '90s kid, you most definitely remember dressing up as one of these:

1. A Power Ranger

Because EVERYONE wanted to be a Power Ranger, right? And for the ladies, it was especially the pink Power Ranger because she was a boss.

2. TY Beanie Baby

Lets be real: You can be any animal in the book and just slap on a giant red heart with "TY" on it and BAM, you're a Beanie Baby.

3. Any Nickelodeon Character

Forget Disney. If you weren't Team Nickelodeon, you weren't a kid from the '90s.

"Hey Arnold!," "CatDog," "Rugrats," "Doug," "Rocket Power," "The Angry Beavers," the list goes on. You name it, and we've all probably been at least one of these many cartoon characters back in the day.

4. The Spice Girls

Before there was Beyoncé and "Run the World (Girls)," there was this fabulous girl group and girl power.

You basically didn't have a childhood if you didn't dress up as a Spice Girl with your friends for at least ONE Halloween, costume party or play date. (Extra points for putting on a performance to "Wannabe" in costume.)

And if your sister dynamic was anything like mine as a child, you always ended up as Scary Spice (no offense, Mel B) because we all know everyone fought over being Baby Spice. (She was so cute and innocent, and my sister always called being her... bitch.)

5. Anyone From "Clueless"

This was basically the epitome of the '90s wrapped up in one movie. Who doesn't love Cher, Dee and Tai? Or hammer pants?(Anyone? No? OK.)

6. Anyone From The Decades

Everyone loves dressing up as people from the decades. It's easy and obviously always on trend. I was a hippie or '50s girl at least five years in a row.

Plus, kids always look way cuter dressed in the decades than adults do anyway. Have you ever seen two kids dressed as Sandy and Danny from "Grease"? Come on, #adorable.

7. "The Powerpuff Girls"

Group costumes were always the most fun with your best friends. And these three adorable, tiny superheroes (Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup) are still among the most popular group Halloween costumes today.

8. The Classic Sheet Ghost

This is the most clichéd costume in the books, and I'm sad to say it's still around. (Can we be a little bit more creative, people?)

Granted, it's the best costume for you last-minute procrastinators. Just cut two eye holes in a sheet, and you're off for the candy hunting.

(If this is your costume, for the love of Halloween, just say you're Casper the Friendly Ghost.)

If you were one of these costumes for Halloween, congratulations. You had a fantastic childhood. And if you weren't? Well, that's OK.

Halloween is the time to live out all of your dress-up fantasies, and if you feel that fantasy is to be Cher from "Clueless," then honey, you better go for it.

Sport any one of these costumes, and you'll be sure to get tons of compliments and free drinks. No one can turn down striking up a conversation with a Power Ranger or a Spice Girl, so remember that. You're welcome.