What Makes People With Tattoos Unique

by Nora Moore

We can't be friends if you don't have a tattoo.

This may not be the popular opinion, but I have a special place in my heart for the tatted. Many people misjudge individuals with tattoos. Some parts of the world deem them socially unacceptable and various work environments ban them. However, as a Los Angeles resident, I feel like so many people around me have tattoos, that when I see someone without ink, I assume they're shady.

Here's why I like to associate with tatted people:

They Take Chances

For some, a tattoo might represent an impulsive decision, something you might not have done sober or without over analyzing. So what. You had a little extra fun one night or stepped out of your normal comfort zone. Either way, you lived a little and now have a nice souvenir to show for it.

They Stand For Something You Believed In

Tattoos can serve as a reminder of something. It can represent a badge of honor, support for an organization, remembrance, love for a person or cause, show of patriotism, religious expression, etc. Your tattoo represents something you believe in, which inspired you enough to take a visual stand and make a statement.

They’re Not Afraid To Go Against The Grain

You have a strong sense of identity with no intention of hiding who you are. You're not afraid of public opinion and would love to let others know what you believe in. We are taught not to judge people by the color of their skin, and that should include ink. Although the prominence of tattoos has increased, popular opinion can still turn a nose up to tats. Going against mainstream America shows you value yourself more than what society thinks of you.

They Can Commit

Tat it on you so I know it's real! For the most part, tattoos are permanent and a long-term commitment. You were so inspired (or inebriated) to commit to a thought, person, or belief that you co-signed it in a major way. To commit to something shows you have decision-making skills; there is no in between. You're able to seize the moment and turn a thought into action.

The popularity of tattoos has increased dramatically over the years. Years ago it seemed like only truckers, sailors and bikers were inking up. Now it's common for moms, teachers, students and professionals to get tatted.

If you're tatted because of peer pressure, your favorite celebrity has one, or because you're trying to impress someone, that's lame.  You'll probably be inquiring for laser removal in a few years. But if you followed your heart, a dream, or were expressing your personal creativity, YOU ROCK!

I hear ink critics say, "You will look ridiculous with tattoos when you get older." No, you will have reminders of life experiences you endured that meant enough to want an everlasting reminder.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr