Don't F*ck It Up: 11 Ways To Make 2015 A Year You Never Want To End

The beginning of every new year allows us to have a fresh start, leaving behind the chaos and mess that was the previous year.

Even though there are no apparent physical changes, there’s a sense of renewal, with all mistakes and regret wiped clean.

However, 2015 may be another year to f*ck up and get disappointed. You’d think that with all these expectations and resolutions, there would be one year you don’t want to end.

It might start out great, but like any year, there is bound to be something to f*ck it up. Sometimes, it’s something out of your hands; other times, you have the ability to change its course.

Your year is never set in stone on January 1; it’s fluid and tangible and only you can make sure it doesn’t go awry.

Why not make this year the year you don’t want to end? Sure, it may turn out a complete mess at times, but who ever has a clean, 365-day run?

Focus on what you can change, rather than try to fix the unchangeable.

Here are 11 ways to make sure you don’t f*ck up this year.

Don’t Drink So Much Alcohol

There will be days this year when you deserve that glass of wine or vodka shot. However, you should probably slow down on the drinking.

Not only does it cause hangovers that make you bedridden for days, it also hits your bank account pretty hard. There’s also something to do with future health, but that’s typically the least of our concerns.

Don’t Fall In Love With A Hookup

A hookup is a hookup. Sometimes, there’s more than just sexual chemistry. Other times, you go in, finish the job, then leave.

Don’t go chasing someone who’s not interested in looking back. You shouldn't put yourself through an emotional ordeal for something so insignificant.

Don’t Hate Your Job So Much

Work sucks, I know. Sometimes, we’re not working our dream career, yet we do it because it pays the bills. However, that shouldn’t deter you from enjoying your work.

Get to know your colleagues, or strive to become the best at your job. It might make waking up in the morning more bearable. Plus, who knows what opportunities can be possible if you just work a little harder?

We spend most of our lives at work; don’t spend most of your life hating it.

Don’t Do What Society Wants, Do What You Want

Stop caring about what your peers and society want you to do or like. Your year is going to be pretty f*cked up if you’re doing things you “have to do." Your decisions influence how you feel, not how society feels. Do what makes you happy.

Don’t Worry About Sharing Your Experience Online, Live It

We’re obsessed with sharing nearly every aspect of our lives online. The better our lives seem, the more likely we'll share photos and updates to our peers, wanting that extra gratification and ego boost that we’re doing things right.

However, we’re so busy trying to get the right photo angle or the best status, we’re not taking everything in. Maybe, just once, put your phone down and look up. The best memories are the ones you remember, rather than the ones you capture.

Don't Worry About Online Experiences Of Others

People's posts online share just a snippet of their lives, and usually, only the good aspects. Don't compare yourself to someone's online life. That person is probably struggling in life just as much as you; he or she just has better editing software.

Don’t Contact Emotionally Damaging People

These people are often those who have played a significant role in your life, which makes it harder to disconnect. You may have gone through a lot with them, but if they’re not boosting you up anymore, leave them behind.

Your year doesn’t have room for people who aren’t bringing out the best in you.

Don’t Talk Badly About Others

We all do it, whether it’s mindless gossip or something much more malicious. If you have nothing good to say about someone, just don’t say it.

If you have an issue with someone, speak to that person about it. We’re no longer 16; we shouldn’t be putting passive aggressive status updates on social media. Respect others the way you want to be respected.

Don’t Be Scared Of Taking Risks

Your year is not going to be memorable if you play it safe. Do something out of your comfort zone, something surprising and spontaneous.

We will never learn or experience a different sensation if we don’t take risks. Risks make us vulnerable and susceptible to failure, and that’s okay. Risk and failure help us succeed; staying at home does not.

Don’t Wait On Life To Deliver

We sit around expecting life to give us everything we want. In reality, it’s not going to happen; we have to do the hard work.

You’re not going to get that dream job scrolling through Tumblr; you’re not going to go on that trip to South America when you’re watching Netflix, and you’re not going to fall in love lying in bed eating potato chips. If you want that exciting life you’ve always wanted, go out and get it.

Don’t Hate Life, Live It

The best way to make 2015 your year is to live it. Enjoy every moment. If it f*cks up, it happens -- that’s life. Don’t dwell or regret those moments throughout the year. Remember to enjoy the best moments and learn from the worst.

You don’t have to wait until January 1, 2016 to make changes; you can act now. Just don’t f*ck it up.