How Everything We Do Makes A Lasting Impact That Goes Beyond Karma

We come into this world alone and we leave alone.

This is what we have been taught to believe. Many of us rely on this belief to justify how quickly we end relationships and friendships. Some of us use this is an excuse to be alone rather than build new relationships with others.

But we are not alone.

Even when we are physically alone, we are not consciously alone. Every thought we have, every word we speak and every action we take is all connected to each other.

The way we treat someone today can impact a total stranger's hours, days or even years down the line. Actions that we take can impact someone across the world.

Have you ever had a crappy day and taken it out on someone around you? Your negative energy impacts that person, who then continues on the cycle of negativity. Even our thoughts manifest into reality.

If you haven’t heard of the law of attraction, the premise of it is that through our thoughts -- positive or negative -- we attract things into our life. The more we think about something, it causes our brain to create that reality. Our brains are far more powerful than we believe.

Perception is truly reality because we are creating that reality with our thoughts. Imagine thinking about moving to a new city.

The more thought you put into it, the more you notice your surroundings relating to this city. You see more advertisements and articles relating to making that big move. Effortlessly, you have created your reality.

Sadly, the same thing works regarding negative thoughts. The media plays an important role in that, as well. Many people in our generation hate watching the news, myself included, because we know that it is full of headlines that entice fear.

Turn on your TV and you’ll see that 90 percent of the news relates to violence. Constant exposure to this violence incites fear in the minds of the masses.

This fear is causing our society to move towards a mass consciousness of fear. The more we fear, the more we allow our control and rights to be taken away.

What’s the point? Why should we care if we’re all connected?

We should care because our thoughts, feelings and actions are all coming full circle into the chaos we see in our world. We are responsible for every good and bad thing happening right now.

We can sit idly and blame everyone else or we can take accountability for the energy we put out into the world.

Karma is just the surface of how we are connected.

It’s easy to go through life believing that our actions don’t affect anyone else, but that would be a lie. We can also lie to ourselves and say that we don’t feel the impact of others' actions. That’s where the importance of "paying it forward" developed.

At some point, I’m sure we have received a miraculous blessing at just the right time.

Maybe the stranger at the gas station put $10 in your gas tank when he saw your card wasn’t working; the person in line let you skip because you only had one item and her cart was full; your classmate gave you an extra scantron the day you forgot to pick one up; someone waved an additional fee on your account.

If we reflect on our days, we will notice that receiving these unexpected moments of gratitude caused us to go out and do something nice for a stranger.

This is how we are all connected. We have the power to impact someone’s day and, furthermore, impact the world around us. We should think and act in ways that add more positivity to the world. The next time you feel down, just remember, you are not alone.

We are each other's harvest; we are each other's business; we are each other's magnitude and bond. ― Gwendolyn Brooks

Watch below how several strangers impacted each other's day.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It