Wonder Women: 10 Ways Millennial Moms Are Doing It Differently

by Cristina Oliveras

This year, it is projected Millennials will surpass Baby Boomers as the nation's largest living generation.

We represent approximately 75.3 million of our population, and we are considered the most diverse, connected, educated and creative generation alive today. We're also taking over the world as parents.

Statistics show one in five mothers (22 percent) is a Millennial mom, which equates to about 9 million people.

Thankfully, our generation of Millennial moms knows how it's done. Not only are we killing it in the workforce, the economy and the community, but we're also making history in the home.

Here are the incredible defining factors that separate us from earlier generations:

1. We're smart.

Statistics consider Millennials to be the most educated generation of our time.

According to a report from the US Council of Economic Advisors, about 61 percent of adult Millennials have attended college, compared to only 46 percent of the Baby Boomers.

Considering women are now surpassing men in receiving a higher education, it's safe to say we baby mamas have quite the amount of brain power.

2. We were raised in the technological era.

Being the first generation to have access to the Internet during our formative years, Millennial moms are highly connected in numerous ways.

From multiple social media accounts to online shopping, Millennial moms have made a large impact on modern parenting by being more technologically engaged.

Baby Center Solutions reported Millennial moms spend 47 percent more time on their smartphones than Gen-Xers, and many mothers have used the Internet to their advantage by starting blogs, small businesses, private shops and friendly parenting sites.

3. We work hard.

Now more than ever, moms are putting on their business suits and going to work. According to the Washington Post:

"Millennials are much more likely to say they would prefer to work even if they didn't have to financially (47 percent), versus Gen X (37 percent) or Boomers (36 percent)."

Millennial moms are also more willing than previous generations to contribute to their household incomes because in today's society, there "seems to be a little more flexibility, a little more understanding, a little less animosity toward mothers who work outside the home."

4. We're highly influential.

Millennial moms are big-time influencers. We are more likely to be asked to provide opinions, reviews or spread information while buying products or making decisions.

Despite our youth, we are quite savvy when it comes to things that will protect or improve the well-being of our families.

Because we are so highly connected to our communities, we are more likely to “retweet” or “like” products or services, which is why we are the prime targets in today's market and economy.

5. We prioritize health.

It has been frequently reported that Millennials consider healthy eating a top priority, and we continually contribute to the promising movement of eliminating America's dangerous health epidemic.

Whether it be buying organic, making GMO-free, all-natural, homemade foods for our kids or sharing easy, healthy recipes across our social platforms, Millennial moms are making a name for themselves in the way of healthy eating.

6. We strive to be better.

With more supporters of feminism and equal rights, mothers are making a name for themselves. Just take a look at some of the most influential people in pop culture today.

Chelsea Clinton is well known for her collaboration with multiple organizations to help children improve their well-beings. Jessica Alba became a Millennial entrepreneur by using her acting fame to launch her first successful, nontoxic line of baby products.

Female-run businesses and companies are on the rise, and Millennial moms are leading the pack.

7. We're more relaxed than our own mothers.

We tackle parenting much more differently than our own mothers. Millennial moms tend to be more fun, forgiving and laid-back, and we prefer a much more involved, supportive and realistic style of parenting.

Most Millennial moms don't want to raise their kids the same way they were brought up.

Rather than being worried, protective or enabling like their Gen-X mothers, Millennial moms focus more on life’s basics. They agree being a good parent comes first.

8. We care about the economy.

We are a ray of sunshine to our recovering economy.

Exponential reports that Millennial moms represent 46 percent of the total women in their age group, and Baby Center Solutions calculated Millennials are responsible for $255 billion in annual spending.

We don't mess around when it comes to shopping time. Due to the fact we are apart of the generation with the healthiest spending power, marketers everywhere are working double time to find ways to market to us and increase profits, thus improving our economy.

9. We're more creative.

We share our stories by creating blogs about the ups and downs of motherhood, and we post our ideas for family-friendly activities or foods on our Pinterest boards.

We are constantly engaging with one another in the most compelling ways. We always look for new strategies and ways to help our children grow.

Many of the newest trends or products currently on the mainstream market were inspired or developed by Millennial mommies.

10. We love hard.

Just like any mother, we love unconditionally and wholeheartedly. Our number-one priority, being a mother, will always be paramount.

We sacrifice our time, our bodies and our lives to bring our children into this world, and we do our best to mold them into people who will create the new generation.

Millennial mothers account for nearly 90 percent of the 1.5 million new mothers within this past year. We are a big deal, and we have a great deal of responsibility on our hands.

We are raising the youth of America, and we are molding the next generation that will inherit and continue our successes.

Nobody does it like Millennial mothers because we are the Wonder Women of this era. We kick ass!