The Most Death-Defying Stunts Of All Time

Felix Baumgartner certainly raised the bar for daredevils everywhere after free falling at 833 mph on his 24-mile dive from the edge of space. And while no one at this point can top that, there still have been many great feats similar to this that are still worth mentioning.

Where these men find the courage to put their lives at such great risk just for the thrill and recognition is beyond us, however they do make for some great entertainment.

These are the most defying stunts of all time.

10. The Goldeneye bungee jump at Verzasca Dam, Switzerland

9. Gary Connery skydiving without a parachute

8. Alain Robert scales a skyscraper like Spiderman

7. Phillipe Petit's World Trade Center Tight Rope Walk

6. Jackie Chan's "Who Am I?" Building Slide (Rotterdam, NL)

5. Human jet plane flies over Brazil

4. Travis Pastrana jump rally car over a river

3. Bob Burnquist base jumps his skateboard off of the Grand Canyon

2. Evel Knievel's motorcycle jumps

1. The Flight of the Frenchies

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images