It's The Little Things: 5 Of The Best Feelings Of Satisfaction In The World


Nine times out of 10, the best feelings we ever experience have some kind of physical tie-in, whether they evoke pleasure or reassurance: a supportive a hug, an adrenaline-pumping high-five, intimacy with your significant other, so on and so forth.

Although the physicality of emotions allows us to tap into our passions and the true essence of our beings, there are some occasions in which we are completely enveloped by emotional situations or feelings that have no physical aspect.

These feelings, all things considered, are completely indescribable yet may be the catalysts behind some of our happiest thoughts and positive behaviors.

These situations fire every synapse in the brain, and undoubtedly increase the release of endorphins. According to Elle Woods, we all know that endorphins make you happy.

1. Seeing your ex, and he or she got fat

Let's get real and totally transparent for a second. If you look hot as hell running into your ex who is looking a lot less fit than when you were together, you are going to feel like you're on top of the universe.

Regardless if you have any verbal exchange, the eye contact is all that matters. Let the ex take a look at how great your curves fill out those pants, or how much more defined your abs look in that bathing suit (if you are lucky enough to have a beach encounter).

In the event you do speak to each other and you receive the classic "once over" (aka scrupulously looking at you from head to toe), that is all of the reinforcement you need to know you are truly kicking ass from a looks perspective.

No matter how long it's been since you've broken up or seen each other, it feels so good to walk away knowing that you're the better looking one of the two.

Sorry, not sorry. In this case, physiological success is the best revenge. Relish in the fact that you have now transitioned into the "best thing you never had kept" category.

2. Fitting into clothing you never thought you would fit into again

We all have that pair of jeans that sits in the bottom of our drawer that we stare at from time to time. They are the "I wish I was as thin as I was when I thought I was fat" jeans.

Nothing beats the day when you are adventurous, remove the jeans from the drawer, try them on and lo and behold -- they fit!  They could be a pair of pants you wore to high school homecoming, your ceremonious Friday night wear from college or the Banana Republic boyfriend cut you bought in your mid-20s.

Regardless, it is a really happy day when you can do a 360 in the mirror without seeing a beer gut, muffin top or inner-thigh bulge. Glory, glory, hallelujah.

Strut your stuff around town because many things are not as satisfying and rewarding as dropping a pants size.

3. Getting 50 percent off of anything

You try on a bunch of fancy dresses or suits, have your heart completely set on expensive wing tips or Jimmy Choos, but truly can't justify the cost.

You've been in the dressing room for 25 minutes, hemming and hawing about whether to treat yourself and just put it on the plastic.

You're going to look great wearing that in the office, on the weekend and out with friends. You need to have it, so you come up with some kind of cockamamie justification for your purchase and approach the register.

You see your $150 dress drop to $75, that $1k suit go down to $500 and those heels down 50 percent.

Seeing that lower-than-anticipated price illuminate on the cashier's LCD screen almost makes you want to hug her. You look at the receipt and can't stop smiling.

Now, when you wear anything you just bought, you're going to make sure you tell everyone you got it for 50 percent off (that one is mostly for the females).

4. "Your song" coming on when you're out with friends

Nothing beats being out at the bar with your friends. Whether you're celebrating somebody's good fortune or just down to have a fun and silly night, you usually get a little tipsy and begin singing along with whatever is playing in the background.

When you hear the first note of your clique's favorite song come on, you likely stare wide-eyed at each other and in unison, let out, "OHHHHHHHH!" You're completely overcome by happiness. You belt the song out as if you're an "American Idol" winner, and are truly just living in the moment.

Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" is a personal favorite of me and my best friends. The feelings of drunken ecstasy (or in general, anywhere) that we experience when this comes on are indescribable.

5. Not hitting any traffic lights on the way to work

You're running late to work, and clearly dreading the time that is going to be tacked on to your already-lengthy commute. Assuming the worst, you get in the car and you're mentally preparing to arrive five minutes prior to the beginning of the workday -- or you'll wind up being late.

Once you're out of residential areas and make your way to busier roadways, all of the lights are green. It's magic; you drive through light after light with ease.

You don't have to speed under yellows or fear any red light tickets. It's like the traffic light gods are on your side, and wanted to turn your entire morning around.

Not only has your mood gone from pissy to fantastic, but you now have time to stop off for coffee and a croissant. Green never looked so good.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It