Your Best Friend Is A Complete Weirdo And You Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

by Alexia LaFata

Weirdos exist within every friend group.

You know a weirdo when you meet one. No matter what subculture you and your friends belong to, a weirdo will always be there to make everything just a little bit crazier, a little bit wilder and a little bit more fun.

And if that weirdo happens to be your best friend, well, then you're just really, really lucky.

There's nothing better than having a weirdo as a best friend.

Weirdos are the kind of people who drive you nuts with their antics while simultaneously making you laugh the hardest you've ever laughed before.

Weirdos are sometimes dramatic or over-the-top. They're sometimes a little much. But you don't mind.

In fact, you wouldn't have your best friend any other way.

A weirdo never judges you.

Weirdos know how ridiculous their behavior is, which means they'll never make you feel self-conscious about anything you say or do.

No matter what words come out of your mouth or what mischief you engage with, they will never, ever think poorly of you.

Besides, they know it would be hypocritical to judge you for something they know they'd probably do themselves.

A weirdo sees your outrageous decisions as adventures.

Weirdos not only refuse to judge your seemingly ridiculous decisions, but they even see them as adventures.

Weirdos see the good in every wild, over-the-top antic. They see potentially dangerous situations as exhilarating, unusual moments as exciting and surprising circumstances as learning opportunities.

Being a daredevil, a thrill-seeker, an adventurer -- it's all in a weirdo's blood.

There's no outrageous behavior your weirdo best friend will not embrace as a wonderful experience.

A weirdo is always ahead of the curve.

Weirdos lead in all creative industries because they're always thinking outside the box.

Ideas that appeal to weirdos might seem a little farfetched or abstract to the general public.

To weirdos, however, these ideas are seen as innovative and exciting, and weirdos embrace them wholeheartedly.

And pretty soon, everyone else starts to embrace them, too. Weirdos are natural-born trendsetters.

A weirdo always provides you with a great story.

Weirdos know a life without crazy stories is not a life worth living -- and the only way to collect stories is by diving headfirst into absolutely everything.

Because weirdos aren't self-conscious; they're unafraid to engage in shenanigans that will later turn into great stories.

Sometimes, they'll even do things just for the story.

It doesn't matter if the decision isn't what's "good" for them or if it's not what they "should" be doing. They just know it'll make a great story – and they can't wait to tell it to you.

A weirdo is the best accessory at any party.

There's nothing like bringing your weirdo best friend to a party.

They're the first ones on the dance floor, the first ones at the bar and the first ones to find the cute guys to flirt with.

They're uninhibited and reckless, which means they motivate you to release your own untamed side.

After all, wherever a weirdo goes, the real party goes.

A weirdo is always there to make fun of people with.

Weirdos know they have their own quirks, but they also know the best way to deal with those quirks is to laugh at them -- and everyone else's.

To weirdos, all quirks are fair game. Nobody's idiosyncrasies or strange habits or eccentricities are safe from a little teasing.

And making fun of other people together strengthens the bond you guys already have.

Everyone knows there's no bond quite like the one that comes from mutual hating.

A weirdo goes against the grain.

Weirdos have the confidence to stand in the face of adversity.

They don't play by anyone else's rules but their own, and they don't give a sh*t what anyone thinks about their craziness.

This kind of confidence inspires you to not give a sh*t what anyone thinks.

Weirdos who feel sure of themselves make you feel more sure of yourself, which is an invaluable quality.

A weirdo takes your quirks to new levels.

Your weirdo best friend will not only bring out your confidence but your weird side.

He or she loosens you up, motivates you to release your inhibitions and encourages you to have fun.

The best part is you won't even feel self-conscious for acting like a total idiot because your weirdo best friend is probably acting like one as well.

The way in which your weirdo behaves influences the way in which you behave -- and you love it.

A weirdo always has your back.

Because weirdos abide by their own rules, they're the perfect people to have your back if it feels like the whole world is against you.

Weirdos don't fear being picked on or alienated for standing up for you.

They don't fear the backlash that comes from going against what's the popular thing to do.

When it feels like nobody else is there for you, your weirdo best friend will be.

A weirdo is never boring.

Weirdos are a great source of entertainment. Whether they're getting caught up in absurd situations, being the life of the party or motivating you to be your weirdest self, they're always there to make your life interesting.

You can't imagine your life without them. It would just be an endless stream of uneventful parties, conventional advice and tedious conversations.

A weirdo can never be replaced.

What makes your best friend a weirdo is what also makes him or her special.

His or her uniquely strange habits and eccentric character traits are what attract you and charm you.

Sure, there might be lots of weirdos in this world, but your weirdo is irreplaceable. No weirdo is quite like your best friend.