21 Struggles Only University Of Michigan Students Will Understand

by Elite Daily Staff

The University of Michigan is hands down the number one school to go to – especially if you value academics, school spirit and a well-rounded city.

U of M boasts breathtaking buildings, unparalleled resources and a student population of more than 40,000. While we love it for all these reasons, a school of this caliber and size still has its shortcomings (Hello, the line at Dominick's on the first day of spring!).

As united Wolverines, we all bleed blue. Here are the 21 things every Michigan student complains (but really loves!) about the University. Because at the end of the day, we're in this together.

Hail to the Victors and Let's Go Blue!

1. Classes in the MLB basement

It's like something out of a "Game of Thrones" nightmare.

2. Living on North Campus freshman year

Entice girls back to your dorm room with sexy lines like, "Wanna check out the state documents in the Bentley Historical Library?

3. Special facilities for B-School kids

We major in the Business of Partying. Why can't we get special study rooms and fancy gyms?

4. Mandatory recitation courses

Downside: extra face-time in the classroom. Upside: You're one step closer to hooking up with your GSI.

5. The basketball student section is just not big enough...

...For jumping up and down with Maize Rage.

6. Losing your dignity on the BTB bus

Double fisting burritos and... cough cough cough...

7. Rick's sharkbowl hangovers

The only thing worse is the underclassmen you took home and photographic evidence you left behind. Repeat after me: The Sharkbowl made me do it!

8. Terrible bagels

Don't worry though, there are enough Mosher Jordan cookies, Rod's colliders, Panchero's burrito bowls, Jimmy John's subs and Frita's batidos to make you fat.

9. Life-changing classes like Bruce Conforth's fill up too fast

Courses are so popular that professors double as campus celebrities. Aside from the fact that he can roll a joint with one hand (yes, we've seen it done live), Bruce Conforth was the first curator of Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and will tell you stories about the 70s that are more wild than an AEPi foam party.

10. The Michigan bus system

The only thing harder to figure out is how to get hit by one (and live to score free tuition).

11. Shamelessly hitting on Michigan athletes

There are plenty of sports to go around -- lacrosse, football, hockey, basketball, etc. Everyone gets to score!

12. Runners interfering on your buzz in the Arb

Some people train for marathons. Others train for Hash Bash.

13. Crazy protesters in the diag...

...Are like the best free show ever.

14. No booze in the Big House

Which is why our tailgates are so legendary. Saturday morning is the best night of the week.

15. Frat parties

Just kidding. We love these. Even if we don't remember 92 percent of them.

16. Once you paint the rock, someone else immediately paints over it

Avoid the rookie mistake: Have an extra bucket of paint to toss on those who try to graffiti over your words, like sorority girls earning pledge points.

17. DPS knocking on your door

You know what you need to do: Burn some microwavable popcorn and hide the evidence. Amateur stuff.

18. The Zingerman's line is so long, even Taylor Swift's arms can't reach it

But as you know, it's totally worth it.

19. Askwith doesn't have your favorite movie

This actually rarely happens, but when it does, you get sent into an overwhelmed panic having to browse through binders of other options. You weren't prepared for this!

Deep breaths, we've been there -- and it can't be as brutal as the winter outside.

20. Clothes still dirty from Mudbowl

But do you really care?

21. Blue Book exams

Sigh. One day you will graduate and join the working world, and you'll be wishing you could still take these. Perspective.

Photos Courtesy: Tumblr