These Two Public Sex Acts Show How Crazy College Students Have Become (NSFW)

WTF is wrong with today’s youth? What happened to having sex in the privacy of your own home or ,if you’re going to do it in public, at least waiting until the sun sets? There are plenty of ways of doing this in public without getting caught. Isn’t it really awkward for everyone involved when onlookers are present?

Total Frat Move recently reported two incidents that really just show why were losing faith in humanity.

The first was a couple getting it on in the ocean at Frat Beach during Florida-Georgia weekend at St. Simons Island in Georgia. Hm, keeping it classy? I think not.

“Students, almost all from UGA, take over this small beach community on the Friday before the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party and do what college kids do — some drinking, some drugs, and each other,” said TFM.

The second incident was a girl at a USC Halloween party blatantly going down on a guy in a crowed setting. WTF?!!!! Do you have no shame? What the hell is wrong with you? You know what girl you’d get along perfectly with? That naked chick from ASU.

The best part about this incident is not that there is a photo, but a video. Thank you TFM for finding these gems.

Via: Total Frat Move, Top Photo Courtesy: Total Frat Move