How America's College System Has Scared Millennials Into Complacency

If you’re in a place like I am in right now, you’re probably looking for some guidance.

You’re looking for someone to tell you what comes next, to explain how you're supposed to manage leaving the college bubble for “real life.”

We live in a society that judges you based on the career you obtain and the lifestyle you live. All I ever hear is, "What are you going to do when you graduate from school?"

People are obsessed with this question.

You need to choose only what you want. You can disappoint people. Your 20s is a time to be selfish.

Our college education system is majorly broken.

The fear of failure is instilled in our minds from the very beginning of our academic careers. But failure is one of life's greatest gifts.

I've failed, and it taught me what I did and did not want. Never be afraid of failing.

When you leave college, there is no “withdrawal” or “drop this course” button in real life.

True success only ever comes from learning from mistakes.

This is an adventure. So just breathe, and remember this too will pass.

During my internship, I traveled to NYC.

I met a woman on the train who is a computer programmer, but she majored in English at NYU. Clearly, you're not defined by a piece of paper.

Your major is not going to determine who you're going to be or what you're going to do for your entire life.

Remember: It’s an accomplishment to be a college graduate. Never forget that.

If you love what you studied in college, then by all means, go for it.

If you still feel the need to experience more things, then don’t be afraid to take the scenic route and discover what other opportunities may make you happy.

To feel like our lives are over after we graduate from college is a fear of the unknown, which is completely valid. Anything new is scary.

So many of us choose our path out of fear, and it's disguised as practicality. That’s why so many people stay on the safe path.

However, they miss out on the extraordinary. As human beings, we like to stay with what we know because it's comfortable.

But why would you ever want to settle for mediocrity?

Have a vision. Take action. Be passionate. Be patient.

You won’t get very far without taking these actions.

Know where you want to go. Move in that direction, find your purpose to keep going, and be patient. Life will often never go the way we planned.

We are a generation of "instant" and "now." Understand, however, the answers to success won't be found on Google.

Remember not to take right now for granted.

Life isn’t at the end of your goals. It’s happening right now. All the experiences we have during these years really do help to shape us.

We went to college to start a career and to make a living. So, don’t forget to live.