What 6 Cities Would Be Like If They Were Women

Traveling has always been an important pursuit of mine — one I know will only stop once the earth stops turning.

With each city and every culture with which I become acquainted, I can’t help but feel an ache in my heart when I leave; it’s like I’m saying goodbye to a good friend.

Every destination visited truly does have its own color and personality, which is why I can’t help but wonder: What if these cities were women?

If Tokyo were a woman, what would she be like? Would she be wild? Would she feel shy? Cities are full of energy, so if they could truly come to life, who would they be? Who would you miss leaving? Maybe you’d even discover a bit of yourself in places you’ve never seen.

Here's what specific cities would be like if they were women:

Miss New York

This woman is determined, composed and career-driven. She despises idle time and is always looking for plans.

She's not the "sit and relax over tea" kind of girl, but she does appreciate the finer things in life, like coffee, five-star restaurants and men.

Although she may not be able to make much time for you, the time you do spend with her is always worthwhile. She's all business during the day, but in the city that never sleeps, she's a whole new woman at night.

Miss Barcelona

Just like Barcelona's city and beach all encompassed in one location, this woman is a jack of all trades. She's down for anything and everything and will not stop until the sun comes up.

She’s not afraid to show her affection, but her independence comes first. She will fight for what she wants and she’s not afraid to chase after it. Pride is her greatest flaw and most fearsome strength.

Miss San Diego

This natural beauty is always up for adventure and welcomes followers to join along. She’s a lover of animals, people and the beach, and her free spirit is as colorful as her life.

Eager to help others see their full potential, she listens without judgment and accepts what is before her. Her easygoing personality relishes in the idea of not having a plan, and although she’s not always sure where she’s going, she knows it will be great once she arrives.

Miss London

She is a classic beauty who has boundless grace. She enjoys tradition with a spin and is the type of lady who isn’t afraid to order a gin and tonic on a date.

She values the past, but only for what it has taught her. At times, she may find herself encumbered by thoughts of nostalgia, but she keeps moving forward. With her reserved disposition, she’s a woman who demands respect in the daintiest of ways and makes sure she gets it. She always keeps her word.

Miss Paris

She’s the woman who walks into the room and everyone notices her confidence, fashion and smile. She doesn’t need to seek attention — she knows who she is.

She’s a girly girl who wants it all and won’t settle for anything less than glamor, champagne and romance.

However, this nose-in-the-air attitude often makes her quite intimidating. Taking the time to see things through her eyes means the world to her and once you do, she’ll show a side that’s much sweeter and enchanting.

Miss Amsterdam

If there was ever a woman you couldn’t figure out, she is the one. She lives life on the edge and with a desire to act on every whim.

Some days, she’s planting tulips outside her balcony; other days, she’s zipping up her leather pants to go out for the night (and, you probably won’t hear from her until the next morning). She’ll never hide who she is because no matter what, she doesn’t care what you think.

Her night and day personality is what makes her so alluring. So, embrace the time you spend with her because as quickly as it came, it will go.