Chinese Designers Created A Tiny Home That Can Be Carted Around On A Tricycle

With housing become more and more expensive, Beijing’s People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO) and the People’s Architecture Office (PAO) have designed a mobile home that can be folded up like an accordion and is small enough to be carted around on the back of a tricycle.

With the overcrowding and the need for sustainable residencies, this may be a good, but uncomfortable, solution.

The frame is constructed out of polypropylene- a strong, wear-resistant plastic. It is fitted with a stove, sink, bathtub, water tank, and fitted atop of a platform resting on the rear tricycle wheels. All the furniture can fold away along with the mobile home itself.

Not only that, but the furniture is convertible; the countertop becomes a bench for sitting and the bed becomes a dining table.

The bathtub, stove, and sick are collapsible, allowing for front wall storage. The mobile homes can be attached to other mobile homes for more space- or if you really want to show some swag, you can attach a front yard.

It’s like a grown-up cardboard box fort- except that it’s made out of plastic… and you actually live in it. A pretty cool idea, but most likely best kept as a last result. Or taken on your next camping trip.

Paul Hudson | Elite.