5 Ways To Have An Amazing Final Semester That Won't Leave You Unemployed Post-Graduation

It’s that time of year — after this final semester, BAM, you’re in the real world. It probably feels like just yesterday that you started your freshman year; you basically were all alone with no one but yourself to control your every decision.

You had no curfew and no boundaries. Your nights included one-night stands, dancing on bars, keg stands and a fake ID. Time is a precious thing, and upon reaching this final year of college, you have none of it to waste.

It’s time to think about what you will do after graduation, and as much as you may want to live it up your last year, you must also remind yourself that your abundance of free time won’t exist next year. Check out the following five tips to help you be a proactive senior rather than an unproductive couch potato.

Don’t take your parents help for granted:

You might think they’re annoying or overbearing, but it’s just because they’re concerned about you and want the best for you. Get all the help and advice from them now rather than later. If you don’t show them your appreciation, they may give up on helping, and trust me, that would be difficult for everyone involved. Don’t put your parents through the trouble and misery; be there for them by letting them be there for you.

Start being more careful with your money:

Some of us may have jobs while in school, but even if you don't, learn to manage your money better. Don’t spend it all on booze and clothes because it will haunt you down the road. Also, keep track of your expenses to help you when you are in the real world with a grownup job and responsibilities.

Reflect upon your social media choices:

If you have more than 1,000 friends on Facebook, rethink how many of them you actually know. Narrow down your friends list to the people with whom you’d actually like to communicate and who actually care about what you are doing. Delete any potentially inappropriate photos. What may seem harmless to you may come off as goofy to future employers. Think accordingly for Twitter and Instagram and always select private settings.


Do you really think that in 20 years, you’ll have the same body you have now? Heck no. I constantly hear middle-aged women speak about how much they they miss their 20-year-old bodies, so let that be a warning. Work to maintain what you have.

Be proactive professionally:

Sure, everyone occasionally binges on Netflix, but don’t let your time pass by you. This is the time to be proactive and lineup a job for next year. Meet with career services to go over your resume and cover letter. Put the game controller down and start thinking about your future. Plan intelligently and you’ll have a worry-free senior year.

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