5 Body Language Signs That Say You're A Confident Bish, Even If You're Not

by Rosey Baker
Columbia Records

I always experience an extreme sense of panic when a notification pops up on my Facebook or Instagram that says I've been tagged in a photo.

It's even worse when I realize the picture is a candid shot of me standing in a pose that resembles a question mark.

It happens more often than I'm willing to admit, but I'm working on it. Let me tell you, writing in front of a computer all day is NOT good for the body.

But one thing I can do is practice a few body language power poses to improve my posture so the camera never catches me off guard.

If you choose to work on these poses yourself, next time you walk into a meeting with your boss, go to a party alone or are confronted by that co-worker who's always giving you shit, everyone will assume you have Beyoncé-level confidence.

And Beyoncé gets whatever she wants.

So, here are a few power poses to try at home:

1. Superman stance for confidence.

Standing upright with your hands on your hips shows strength, and even though you might feel like a lumberjack, it definitely sends the message you are not one to be messed with.

I mean, I hate to bring up Beyoncé again, but she kills this pose.

And if standing like Beyoncé for a few minutes before asking your boss for a raise doesn't increase your confidence, I honestly don't know what will.

2. Touch someone to fake sincerity.

Even if you can't stand your loud-as-shit upstairs neighbor, touching them on the arm or shoulder the next time you chat will make you appear sincerely likable.

When you tell them how much you appreciate their constant consideration of your peace and quiet past midnight, they'll actually believe you.

Maybe next time they want to vacuum at 2 am, they'll think twice when they remember your genuine complimentary exchange.

3. Do the hand jive to make people listen.

This might be the only time I ever say this in my entire life, but take a cue from Donald Trump and get people to remember what you're talking about by using your hands.

Research shows that using gestures improves memory retention, so if you really need to make a point, your message could sink in better if you throw in some jazz hands.

4. Flex to show off your determination.

Your body tenses its muscles as an automatic response to minimize pain. It also helps you stay more determined when you get some negative information.

Think of what your body does when you walk outside and it's pouring rain, but you have to walk through it to get to work. You flex up and head out!

If flexing helps you stay focused on achieving your objectives, we could probably stand to do it when we're heading into any kind of competitive situation, from a trip to the gym to a political debate.

5. Mimic someone to make them feel understood.

Actually mirroring someone's non-verbal expressions (like their facial movements) can increase your capacity to understand their feelings.

One of the most powerful things people can do to show off their capacity for leadership is to show an understanding of others.

After all, solving a problem requires an ability to see where the other person is coming from in order to reach a suitable compromise.

There you have it: every power move you need for that extra step up in your life.

Although, you could probably stand to get that cracked iPhone screen fixed, too. Definitely go do that.