Twice As Nice: The 6 Best And Worst Parts Of Being An Identical Twin

“Oh! So, do you like it?” is often the first question I am asked when people find out I’m an identical twin.

I always wonder if people actually expect me to answer with, “No, I hate it. My twin is the devil.”

After being asked this a million times over, I've come to realize this question isn’t completely ridiculous.

Being a twin isn't always easy, and I can understand why people ask me if I like it. However, what these inquisitive minds don’t know is being a twin actually has more benefits than you’d think.

Even with the annoyances and occasional hardships of constantly being compared, being “one of two” helps each twin to grow into his or her best, most individual self.

So, here is the list of the most draining, yet amazing aspects of why being a twin helps both of you become kickass human beings:

1. Being referred to as “the twins.”

No, just no.

This adorable little nickname that refers to two individuals who look similar is the biggest pet peeve of all identical twins. Being lumped together can make you feel as if you have no personal identity, and you would be nothing without your sister or brother.

However, for a lot of us, this isn’t too far from the truth.

Your twin is a part of who you are. She knows what makes you tick, and she knows what to say to calm you down. In reality, what's so horrible about being grouped together with a partner who is just as amazing (if not more so) than yourself?

As much as we grind our teeth and refrain from the eye roll when people exclaim, “Woohoo! The twins are here!” it's a constant reminder you have somebody in your life who you can trust to be by your side at all times.

2. When you get called the wrong name.

Even worse than being called “the twins” is being called your twin's name.

Yes, we are identical. And though we may have the same hair, eyes, voice and body, I am a half- inch shorter, so how dare you confuse me with that other girl!

When people call twins the wrong names, we tend to (perhaps slightly irrationally) take it as a pretty big insult.

These mix-ups do have their perks, however. When that dreamy guy from your sister’s Spanish class mistakes you for her at the bar, you feel no need to correct him. I mean, so what if he thinks you're somebody else?

You can help him understand the meaning of el amor just as well as your twin can. Then, when you completely embarrass yourself by spilling a drink on him, you don’t have to deal with the awkwardness in class on Monday.

(Sorry sis!)

3. Competing against each other.

Everybody had that one kid growing up he or she was always competing with. Maybe it was Susie from soccer and who challenged you for MVP, or maybe it was Taylor from drama who beat you for the lead role.

Now imagine going home with the Susies and Taylors of your childhood, and sharing a bathroom with them after the game, or having to eat dinner with them after auditions.

That is exactly what being a twin feels like; you're constantly around your biggest competitor.

I’m not going to lie and say this constant competition was good at first. Quite honestly, it sucked. But having that person with you all of the time is an amazing motivator.

Rather than hoping for the other's failure, you're both competing to be the best, and you're encouraging one another to be better yesterday.

4. Getting asked the most annoying questions.

Whoever said, “There is no such thing as a stupid question,” lied.

The amount of times twins get asked, “If I pinch your sister, will you feel it?” is outstanding.

Honestly, it’s not all bad. The best answer to this question is “yes,” and then you can explain how you and your twin have ~*super special twin powers*~ you can activate at any given time.

(Note to reader: If they respond with “really!?" you need to walk — no, run — away from that person who clearly needs professional help and a lesson in biology.

5. Having a partner in crime.

Your twin is your best friend, and I’m not talking about the best friend who brings you a bottle of wine for your bi-weekly movie viewing of “Coyote Ugly."

I’m talking about the kind of best friend who does shots of tequila with you on top of the bar because you need to show everyone you are Violet Sanford, and you know how to work that bar.

You two enjoy your recklessness and the attention it brings you. But when you attract the wrong attention and end the night in a cop car, chances are, she’s right beside you.

One of you is crying, the other is taking selfies, and none of it will stop you from doing it again next weekend.

6. Having to separate for the first time.

The number one worst thing about having a twin is leaving each other for the first time.

You have this relationship with somebody who just completely understands you. You never have to explain your actions, and you can communicate by a subtle look. The first time you leave, it truly feels as if a piece of yourself goes missing.

You actually long for people to call you “the twins,” and you miss that extra push of competition.

Your twin is your person.

The only good thing about this one is the reunion; it's one for the books.