38 Valentine's Day Gifts Every Basic B*tch From The 2000s Would Love


Everyone knows basic bitches love holidays, and Valentine's Day is no exception.

This Hallmark holiday pretty much tops the charts when it comes to the holy grail of beloved basic holidays. But then again, how could a basic not love this day?

It takes all of a basic's typical favorites like hearts, flowers, snuggling, love and the color pink and packs it into one incredibly basic occasion. The only things that are missing are a handful of glitter and a PSL from Starbucks.

Plus, it's the one day Bae has to pay attention to his basic bitch girlfriend, and still be nice to her no matter how times she makes him pose for an annoying Instagram couple selfie because she just feels #SoBlessed and #InLove.

While the basic bitch epidemic seems to be pretty recent, you may be surprised to know that basics have been around for ages, but they somehow managed to stay under the radar before the days of posting their Uggs and gym selfies on Instagram.

When it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day, not much has changed over the years, and basic bitches back in the 2000s loved this special occasion just as much as they do now.

The only thing that's different is the types of V-Day gifts from Bae that would make them literally die and be the envy of their basic BFFs, of course.

Take a look at the pictures below to see all the things basic bitches wanted for Valentine's Day in the 2000s.

Nothing says "I love you, you basic bitch" like a new pair of Uggs. The more hideously furry, the better.

You can't go wrong with a Juicy track suit, it's pretty much the unofficial uniform of basic bitches. Plus, it looks adorbs in mirror pics.

And you can't forget a matching hoodie for your purse-sized pooch. OMG sweatsuit samesies!

Or maybe another cute pair of sweats with writing on the butt.

Every basic wants Bae to get her a few pairs of ripped jeans from Abercrombie.

And a denim mini skirt of course.

Forget a romantic candlelit restaurant, hibachi is the basic bitch's dream dinner date.

Or if you'd rather do dinner at home, nothing screams basic like a heart-shaped sushi dinner. But remember, if you didn't post it on Myspace, it didn't happen.

Regardless of what you eat, a betch needs her vino. It's basically a V-Day essential. Duh!

Every basic bitch totes wants Bae to buy her a Tiffany heart necklace. Like everyone has one, even Paris Hilton.

Or maybe a bedazzled juicy heart charm bracelet.

Along with sparkly charms that totally let the world know you love glitter, peace signs and cupcakes.

No gift lets the world know how basic you are like a nameplate paired with a tattoo necklace.

Or a super cute nomination bracelet.

 Plus, it totes goes adorbs with a Von Dutch hat.

A basic literally could not even if Bae went all out and got her a white Louie bag.

Or a super cute Coach clutch. Betches love logo bags.

But the ultimate V-Day gift for a basic bitch is a bag that looks like it's covered in Cupid's vomit.

Every betch wants Bae to make her a homemade treat for V-Day.

Forget the box of chocolates. On V-Day, all basics just want a few lollipops covered in their favorite pop stars, The Spice Girls, of course.

Every betch wants the newest "Gossip Girl" book to read with a cozy cup of tea. It's practically the bible of basics.

A complete set of "The Hills" would basically be the best V-Day gift ever.

Or a box set of every basic's fave show "Friends." So perf for watching on a lazy Sunday with Bae.

Getting a CD burned with Bae's favorite Limewire playlist would basically be the most thoughtful gift ever.

But every basic would agree tickets to a Coldplay concert would be even more amazeballs.

For V-Day, every basic bitch wants the ultimate romance: "The Notebook." Noah totes reminds you of Bae.

A basic would feel #SoBlessed if Bae made her a scrapbook filled with cute couple pics.

Any basic would literally die if Bae got her a brand new sparkly sidekick.

Or maybe a bedazzled blackberry. Seriously, basics literally cannot even without their BBM.

Or a pink iPod Nano because ever basic needs some Britney songs in her life.

Beauty is a top priority for basics, so highlights make a great V-Day gift.

Along with some sprunch spray for those days a betch just doesn't feel like straightening her hair.

Any betch would love a gift certificate to the nail salon. Basics have to have their acrylics filled French mani style on the reg, it's just, like, the rules of feminism.

A gift certificate to Claire's would literally make any betch die and go to basic heaven. Literally.

Betches love bubble baths, so there's no better place for Bae to get a gift than from Bath and Body Works.

Can't forget some of that VS body spray, too.

Basic bitches can't live without Starbs, so a blinged out travel mug makes a perfect gift.

But this is the one gift every basic girl totes needs for Valentine's Day.