How Bad Kids Do Sunday Brunch

Bad Kids, an EDM-inspired apparel and events company based in New York City held an EDM brunch to celebrate Sunday fun-day on November 10 that featured much more then just great music.

This event took covered all 3 floors of Lower East Side hotspot Libation. The event was sponsored by Dress for the Drop, EyeParty, Eye Love Shadez and the Dream Lab. Heineken Light was featured throughout the entire day as well as bottomless mimosas and bloody marys. Retail raving was set up on the third floor.

This party allowed you to eat, drink, shop and rave all at the same time. Music by DJ Gonzo, brothers TCUP and Peter Brennen, and the beautiful duo from Los Angeles The Jane Doze se the tone for the perfect party brunch.

“EDM and brunch are two things New Yorkers love. They are two staples for the metropolitan area and we wanted to see what it would be like to bring these amazingly different worlds together. We wanted to create something atypical, affordable and fun for people who love to socialize - even on a Sunday with a full workweek on the horizon! Libation specializes in brunch and Bad Kids specializes in EDM - so it was a match made in heaven! Our first event was a huge success and incredibly well received, so we had to keep the party alive throughout 2013. It is now an event that VIP Bad Kids plan months in advance for, and is a party where EDM-lovers can come together and celebrate what we like to call, "The Bad Life"; Living in the moment, loving life and celebrating our one true love, EDM.” – Andi Cross.

Bad Kids throws the best parties in NYC. Each event of theirs that I have attended flawlessly combined originality, innovation, music and so much more. This event was badass. It featured hoop dancers and bar-top performances that got the crowd soaked with champagne.

Super Soakers filled with champagne were on hand to please the attendees,cake was thrown at everyone, and another beast performance by the Dream Lab got everyone in the mood to party. Guests at this event couldn’t stop smiling, dancing, or just taking it all in.

Though everything about this event was fun, perhaps the greatest takeaway of EDM brunches like this one is the camaraderie that is formed. Leading up to this event, Bad Kids offered a giveaway through Facebook for a VIP brunch table.The winners of this promotion had the opportunity to choose nine of their closest friends for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to party like Bad Kids.

In an attempt to get closer to fans, the Bad Kids has created a VIP membership program, which gives loyal fans not only the chance to party with co-founders Lex Houser and Andi Cross, but also gives exclusive access to first looks at new pieces within their apparel collections, chances to party with their wild crew, and events that celebrate EDM culture.

Winning a VIP Bad Kids experience is a golden ticket into the fast growing family, as history has proven so far.

Andi Cross and Lex Houser are redefining a culture and bringing together a community for all the right reasons. These girls are innovative, fresh, smart and sexy. They are excited to bring new EDM lovers into their world and connect extraordinary individuals who all share common interests and goals. Bad Kids provides original experiences that change the way 20-somethings live out their weekends.

“Bad Kids is an equal split between EDM, fashion and events, all with a philanthropic undertone. The best thing about Bad Kids is that we are a lifestyle brand - we encompass all of these industries in order to reach our fans and followers throughout their everyday life in interesting and relevant ways. We primarily create unbelievable experiences for those who are passionate about the EDM community and bring it to life though the music we love and the fashion we rock. That is what EDM Brunch is all about - bringing all of our passions together in one room for likeminded individuals to enjoy! We chose to use EDM as the foundation of our business because it is what we are both deeply passionate about - it is what brought us together as best friends and now is what continues our relationship as business partners. We wanted to create a fun platform for people who are into the scene, allowing them to experience things they never have before, while making new friends and incredible memories along the way.” – Lex Houser

Join the Bad Kids now and experience a movement that is unlike any other. It does not matter who you are, where you are from or what you have been through in your life. Bad Kids are here to help you live life and be happy.

There is no greater feeling then being accepted into a community that not only works hard, but also plays hard. Bad Kids events are experiences that everyone needs to witness. Even if you are not a fan of EDM, there will be something for you to enjoy at these events. Look out for Bad Kids 2.0 this season, and remember to “stay bad.”

Photo Courtesy: Bad Kids